My review’s are brutally honest. I say what I honestly thought of the book. Whether that mean’s the book is amazing or the book is just not for me. I’m not about bashing book’s or author’s. The last thing I want to do is belittle the hard work and countless hour’s they’ve put into each book. Also just because I did not like a book doesn’t mean you won’t.

My Review’s do contain spoiler’s! However I try not to give away major spoiler’s but i’ve found that in order for me to give a review and say what I do and do not like about the book I have to actually tell you what part’s I’m basing my opinion’s on.

Most book’s I do review’s on, I do get ARC’S  for. Just because I do get them doesn’t mean I sugar coat my review’s. My review’s specifically for Young Adult book’s will be later after release compared to my Romance review’s just because I have not had any luck on getting ARC’s in that genre.

That being said I hope you enjoy! and feel free to drop me an email letting me know what you like and what you think I need to improve on!

– Morgan