Singe review!

Carmelo Caldo is the literal definition of a playboy. He’s sleeps around with women without a thought to their feelings. He’s never wanted a relationship and when a woman catches feelings it’s time for him to move on to his next conquest. There’s a reason though for why he is the way he is. If anyone has read Ember then you know there was a car accident when he was younger that ended up with his girlfriend at the time passing away and he was the one behind the wheel.

After years of his playboy ways Carmelo has decided that he thinks he’s ready to settle down and get rid of the playboy. Unsure of how to go about this change he turns to his cousin Lilly to help him out. With the help of Lilly and her friend they’ll get Mello on the straight and narrow path to finding true love.

Arlo has never had anyone in her corner. Growing up in foster care has taught her the hard lesson that you have no one to rely on but yourself. But after a few encounters with a handsome stranger she’s starting to realize that might not always be the case. So when her new friend Lilly asks her to help find what’s wrong with her cousin Carmelo, she doesn’t hesitate to help out.

What’s starts out as fake dating turns quickly to something more, or does it? Will Carmelo be able to trust that Arlo is in it for real or just to help his cousin out? Will Arlo finally be able to let her guard down and learn to trust and lean on another man again? Well you’ll have to read SINGE to find out!!

Chelle bliss does and excellent job tugging at your heart string’s with what Carmello went through. There are point’s throughout the book that your really feel for him when it appear’s as if he’s backed into a corner and you just want to go through the pages and be like HELLO?! Do you not know what he went through?! Do you not think maybe he is the way he is because he lost someone important young in life and that has shaped the man he is today?! But alas one cannot do that.

SINGE was a wonderful end to the older group of cousins that Chelle Bliss introduced us to in the next generation Gallos. all the while she introduced us to the next chapter and even younger cousins that will take up the mantle of this series.

Singe is out now so grab yourself a copy now!! 🙂