Stroke of Luck review!

It seem’s like the wait has been forever for the next full length Opal Carew novel and the wait is finally over.

Opal Carew is well known for her erotic romance novel’s and I would even dare to say that she is queen of the Erotic romance genre. She perfectly balances sex with story line and character development. So for me who has followed Opal’s work through the years I a tad bit surprised with Stroke of Luck. Now to anyone who else who has followed Opal you may have noticed that her past couple of novel’s have solely focused on a menage couple story line with no same sex play. Stroke of Luck isn’t any different. Now it would be remise of me if I didn’t mention that I long for the old day’s where it’s just filthy with all sort’s of sin going on.  

But the menage storyline is not what surprised me. What surprised me was that we had what seemed like more storyline than we did sex. I ALMOST teetered off the erotic romance genre and just regular romance. The story and character development definitely took front and center in this book and it was a refreshing change. 

The story start’s off with April having made a betraying discovery and the consequences of that betrayal. Only who knew her ex could be such a vindictive douche bag.  It’s a stroke of luck that as she’s getting kicked out of her hotel suite, her college boyfriend is walking down the hallway. Only they didnt end on the best of terms. 

When Quinn exit’s his hotel room the last person he expect’s to see is his college girlfriend in the hallway and looking so distressed.  Despite her breaking his heart he stop’s to see what the commotion is. Unable to let her go through all this he offer’s to pay for the hotel room and after much begrudgement April accept’s Quinns generosity. 

With no where to go and not a single dime to her name thanks to her ex fiancé she has no way to repay Quinn for his generosity  but to take Quinn up on his offer.  Have sex with him for a month. Then their debt is settled, but that’s not all. She also has to have sex with his best friend and business partner Austin. 

Austin think’s April is beautiful and after meeting her for the first time and seeing the way she affected his friend he could immediately tell she is the one that got away. If only he could keep his own feelings out of the mix when it comes to April. 

Will April come to term’s with her self worth and be able to accept a relationship with two handsome wealthy men? Will Quinn be able to trust April again with his heart to give them a second chance? Will Austin take what he want’s and live happily ever after or will he bow out to his best friend? 

Well those are all question’s that you’ll need to find out when you read Stroke of Luck! 

I can say I did read an ARC in exchange for an honest review and while I highly enjoyed this book I couldn’t help but feeling left with wanting more. While there was character development and storyline and sex I couldnt help but feel a lot of meat to the story was left out. it wasn’t as detailed out as I would’ve liked. It had a glossed over feel to it compared to the rest of her stories.  

With that said it was still a wonderful book to read and the sexy times were classic opal sexy times. My only wish for the next book is to bring back some of the old Opal style and let’s sin it up!