Small Town Sweetheart Review!

It’s awesome to read books that are set it in paranormal, dystopian, fantasy, magical worlds. It’s that something extra that’s lures people to books to escape their own real world struggles. But every once in a while readers need to get back to the basics and read a book that could actually happen and probably is, in some small town in the middle of nowhere. 

 Toni Aleo’s Small Town Sweetheart is precisely that.  


Set in the small town of Spring Grove, Kentucky we meet Delaney Kate.  Delaney has lived in  Spring Grove her whole life.    She loves Spring Grove, it’s all she’s ever known.after being abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandmother to say she has some self worth issues would be an understatement.  Delaney hops from one man to another desperate to find true love. 

Having grown up in Spring Grove as well, Reed had the opposite experience and the first chance he got, he left. Leaving everything and everyone behind.  Having established himself as a good vet in the big city, Reed has no plans of ever going back. Until one day Reed gets the call that no son wants. His dad has passed and he needs to come home for the funeral. 

Coming back to Spring Grove, Reed sees that absolutely nothing has changed, well almost nothing. Upon first spotting Delaney, Reed can’t believe his eyes. She’s definitely not the chubby little girl that would follow Reed and his friends around everywhere. She’s a total knock out. Too bad he’s only town for the funeral and the reading of the will. 

In a twist of fate, Reeds father has a stipulation in his will. For Reed to have access to his money, he’ll have to give the town who treated him poorly another chance. spend six weeks in Spring Grove and actually live and participate in the towns activities. 

While Staying in Spring Grove, Reed can’t seem to stay away from Delaney. She’s still the same person who he knew and was infatuated with from before but also a different. Delaney has always been in love with Reed. When he finally makes the first move she can’t help but think this is her shot. 

Will Delaney be enough to make Reed want to stay in the town that all but treated him like shit. Or will Reeds past prejudices overcome his love and desire to be with Delaney.  Well you’ll just have to read to find out. 

I love these types of books and Toni does it well. This book doesn’t have a theme to it really. Sure it’s a romance novel but usually romance novels are sub categorized. Like sports romances or paranormal or historical or erotic . It’s a romance but the sub category is the underlying theme and in some cases out shines the romance. 

With a straight up romance novel set in a small town, it strips the romance genre down to the studs. And if an author is good enough then the book will be a hit.  Well Toni Aleo hit it out of the park just like her character Delaney. 

Small Town Sweetheart is a perfect weekend Read. It’s sweet and humorous at times, steamy and spicy at other times. It encompasses what a true romance novel is at its core.

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