Spark review!

The chemistry between Nick and Jo will have you seeing sparks as you read Spark!

Spark is the next novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series or the next generation Gallo series as I like to call it. It features Nick Gallo who is Thomas and Angels son.

Spark starts off with a prologue of where we left off with Nick in Blaze. Seeing the repercussions of Nick getting kicked out of school. However it does jump to the future in the first chapter, 5 years later I believe.

Nick is living his life, minding his own business. All he wants is some of the best tacos in the area. So when he sees a woman crying into her nachos, automatically his frame of mind is not my woman not my problem. That is until he over hears the douchebag on the other end of her phone, intimidating and threatening her to get back to their hotel room.

Josephine “jo” Carmichael is down on her luck. She was supposed to be on a vacation with her boyfriend but that ended abruptly when she found her boyfriend face in between the thighs of the maid. So here she finds herself in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to sleep crying into her nachos. M She’d rather be left alone so when this stranger butts in on her conversation with her now ex, to say she was less than thrilled is an understatement.

Nicks values that he was raised on override his desires and he offers her a place to stay until she gets on her feet. Especially since her only other option is to sleep in a parking lot in her flashy expensive car. At first Jo is leery of this offer from the stranger but there really is no other better option. So she takes him up on his offer

What’s supposed to have only been one night turns into many and feeling develop. But is it all a lie? And will the secret Jo has been keeping ruin whatever is building between the two of them?

Will Jo’s secret life be the end of this budding relationship?? Or will this new found love be able to prevail over anything? Only you reading Spark will tell you the answer!

Spark is one of Chelle’s best books. It’s such an easy read and takes you on a sweet and romantic adventure. Spark is also the first book in this new generation where we got Gallo male. Spark reminded me of the original Gallo series. It felt to me as if I was reading another book in the original Gallo series which was a great nostalgic feeling.

While Spark has a sexy feel to it like all of her books i definitely felt like this book was more romantic then the previous next gen Gallos books. Of course with Spark you got the whole Gallo family in there which is always a treat to see. Honestly I could read a book that was set at a Sunday dinner. It’s so entertaining.

The cliff hanger at the end tee’s up the next book in the series and it’s a quite dramatic cliff hanger! One where when I immediately read it I was shocked that Chelle would go that route. BUT almost immediately i remembered who the next two books were going to be about and that ruined the cliff hanger. Make no mistake the cliff hanger that Chelle gives us in Spark sets us up for the next two stories and while it ruins one major part of the Cliff hanger it doesn’t ruin what we don’t know which is what happened.

Spark is available everywhere so go and pick yourself up a copy!!