IGNITE review!

After much awaited breath we finally have IGNITE!!!! Now Ignite was supposed to come out earlier than today but like so many other things COVID decided to throw a wrench into things. Chelle explains her process on writing her books and with everything going wrong in the world she just couldn’t deliver the IGNITE we all deserved. No matter how many times she tried.

Now we have the IGNITE we’ve all been waiting for and I can say it’s SWEET! Now Chelle acknowledges this isn’t as angsty as her other books and is more sweet.

IGNITE starts out with a Bang! Quite literally too. A minor event in the whole scheme of things ends up with mammoth leaving the MC much sooner than later but as he’s getting ready to get out family comes a knocking.

Mammoths mom is in quite a pickle and she has no one to turn to other than her son. Getting to see mammoth interact so much with his mom was a real treat and brought an extra something to make him seem more real.

IGNITE features two time jumps to give Tamara and Mammoths story the closure it needed. Chelle really delivered with the sweetness factor. I loved that there wasn’t some new reason that popped up as to why they shouldn’t be together. We got to see them find their footing in their relationship and settle in. There were a couple times that had me side eye mammoth but Tamara did not put up with it and quickly put him in his place.

Chelle seemed to focus quite a bit on Mammoths mom and Morris leading me to believe that we might get a book with them? Or maybe a novella? They would be the next gen version of Fran and Bear. So I hope we get to see something there.

Nick is the next Gallo child to get a book and I cannot wait for this bad boy playboy. It’s the first male Gallo we’ve gotten for the new generation and I’m sure it’s set to be FIRE! Now im hoping with so many Gallo children running around that we will have way more books to come in the series but no mention of that from Chelle yet. I’m imagining we’ll see something when Nicks book comes out.

I liked that we got an update on lily and kind of close out her story. I have no idea if there are plans for another Lily and Jett story but I don’t think there needs to be if that makes sense.

Overall IGNITE was worth the little bit of extra wait time and does Mammoth and Tamara justice. Make sure to grab yourself a copy at all the usual places!