The Pool Boy review!

The Pool Boy definitely makes a splash!

I found this book to be a refreshing take on the trope of an old/young age romance. It’s very timely as well with everything going on. Most of the time you’ll see writers write about older men and younger women, which is fine Nikki has one called The Doctor. Most of the time though you never see an older woman / younger man romance book written. If you do though most of it is pure sex with maybe a page of plot in between each sex scene and the book is like 25 pages long. Nikki de- stigmatizes the whole conception of what a “cougar” relationship is.

While yes age does come up a couple of times it doesn’t become prevalent in the book. You notice it the few times it comes up and then quickly forget about it. It also helps that Nikki wrote Troy in a way that didn’t truly show the mindset of an early twenty something year old guy. He seemed very mature for his age and Erika didn’t seem overly mature for her age.

This book wasn’t just about the romance but about realizing ones passion and not being afraid to fail. It’s about not letting the fear of failure get in your way of achieving your dreams. It was great to see that both of them were in different stages of their lives and battling the same issue.

Now this wouldn’t be a Nikki Sloane book without some kink in it and it sure did! Make sure you have a glass of water or wine at the ready when you get to those scenes.

I did notice in the beginning that there was nod to Nikki’s other series Filthy Rich Americans and just let’s us know that the book series are set in the same time and world. The books in this series also connect and you get to see an update on Madison and Gregg from The doctor. I’ll be interested to see who the third book The Architect will be about and if we’ve already met them.

The Pool Boy is out now so go Make sure to grab your copy today!