Blades of Glory review!

If you want a quick read that will have you reaching for a tissue and wanting to reread some OG Assassin books then Blades of Glory is it for you!

It’s the game that we’ve been waiting for ever since Toni decided to make the leap into the next generation of the assassin’s! It’s the new player’s that we’ve had no choice but to fall in love with Vs. the old player’s who will forever have a piece of our heart. 

In Blades of Glory we don’t just get the game between old vs. new but we get an update on all of the OG assassins and where life has led them. As one would expect there are A LOT of kids. But that’s what you get with hot hockey players. It was great catching up with everyone. I won’t spoil the outcome of the game but I really wanted the losing side to pull it out and get a final win however it just wouldn’t be realistic. 

With the updates that Toni gives us on the OG assassins she’s also planting the kid’s who will most likely get books of their own in the future in our heads. She’s familiarizing us now that way it’s not as long of a gap between the parent’s book and then the kid’s book years and years later. I am still holding out on Journey’s book because I feel like that one is going to be something special. 

Now Blades of Glory is a novella. I believe it might be shorter than Bring it Home all though I can’t be sure. It’s cleverly told in a different character’s POV each chapter. We get a perfect balance of the old player’s vs. the new players.  We start out with Elli, then Shea, Aiden, Lucas, and finally Shelli. 

Theres one update that I won’t spoil who it is BUT goddamnit  it made me tear up! I will not accept that this person will ultimately have the same journey as another character. Nope. Not going to happen Toni!  I’m telling you all you better have a tissue because it will leave y’all verklempt . 

Grab a tissue and grab a copy of Blades of Glory now!