Bring it Home review!

Toni Aleo Brought it home with Bring it Home. 

If youre reading this then chances are you haven’t read Bring it Home yet. Bring it home has been out for a little bit now as a surprise to us reader’s during this unprecedented time. 

Bring it home focuses on Boone and Posey.  

Bring it home felt like the missing piece to Boone’s and Posey’s story. When Power Play ended it felt like there was so much more left to be told in their story. Bring it Home takes care of that. 

It’s interesting and ironic how Boone’s mom cannot accept Posey and therefore has no contact with her son when Posey’s mom Elli went through similar situations with her family. And it’s over this that Boone and Shea find something to bond over. Which is great for Boone since he no longer has to worry about Shea punching him again. 

I love novella’s like these when we get to see the whole family together for an extended period of time. Toni know’s how to write family dynamic’s and the Adler family is one crazy ass family. There’s a part in the novella that I was not expecting at all and had me dying from laughter. I won’t give it away because what would be the fun in that. But the grandmother is something else! 

Going into this novella I didn’t know what to expect. In Spike by Love Toni teased us with a legacy game. The new player’s we’ve come to love and the OG’s that will forever hold our hearts. I for sure thought that we would get this game in this novella. We did not. Which is okay because after some time to consider it, I feel like a game of that magnitude need’s it’s own novella. Which is what Toni is doing. 

Also side note: when the hell is Shelli and Aiden getting married? I feel like it’s been forever and they still haven’t tied the knot! Whenever it does happen I feel like it’s going to need it’s own novella as well. Or it’ll be like Markus and Mckenna’s book and it’ll be the event that brings two people together that we just don’t know we want yet. 

As alway’s any mention of James brings a tear to my eye. Even though he wasn’t a character we saw an awful lot of. I think only in Shea’s book and in their own little novella. James has such a lasting impact on the Assassins next Generation series. 

Second Side note: Seeing all the Adler’s together again makes me miss the other reigning hockey family and that’s the SinClairs. I know we’ll probably get to see a lot of them when Angie get’s her Ice Cat’s book. I mean the writing is in the book Spiked By Love.

I think now more than ever people are looking for an escape from reality. With what’s going on in our world who can blame them. Thats why now it’s especially the time to send our appreciation to our favorite authors.  Book’s for us provides that escape. It not only takes us away from every day normal problems but it lower’s our anxiety about what the future holds for a brief time. 

Many people do not feel right promoting new releases during this time because there a millions of people without job’s right now. People cannot afford food and are worried on how they’re going to provide for their families.  On the flip side of that I am grateful to those that do release new book’s or music because what they are doing for the people who can afford to buy such thing’s is provide an escape.  As a grocery store worker I never thought I’d be considered an essential worker. I never thought that I would be putting my health at risk to help keep some sort of society going. 

Anyways that’s my long way of saying thank you to Toni for releasing something that let’s me escape this hellish reality.