Blaze Review!

The latest Gallo novel will set you ablaze!

Lily Gallo is the sweet innocent Gallo. She’s a bit of a nerd. She does what her parents tell her to do and even followed in her mother’s footsteps, going to Med School. That all started to change though when she finally worked up the nerve to tell her parents that being a doctor isn’t her passion and that she dropped out of school. To say her parents weren’t happy with her was an understatement.

Stuck working under her dads supervision and apprenticing with him she’s just kind of floating through life. That is until Jett walks through the door looking to pierce an important appendage of his. Jett is only her biggest crush that she’s always had. So when he walks in and wants her to pierce his junk, she’s dying inside.

Jett is freshly out of the service and looking to restart his life. Starting with getting his dick pierced. He’s always wanted a piercing but couldn’t figure out the right time. What he doesn’t expect when he walks into the gallos shop is to see the sweetly sexy Lily there and whats even more unexpected is she’s the one going to do the piercing. He’s always been attracted to lily but she’s never had the time of day for him with her nose always in books.

Like I said Jetts looking for a new start in life after leaving the service. That includes getting a new job and finding a place to live. And who better a roommate than the sweet lily? Of course he doesn’t mean to suggest it but when she’s about to shove a needle in his dick he learns he’ll saying anything on his mind.

Lily thinks it’s crazy to live with Jett. But after much convincing from her best friends and cousins, she decides to give in and look at places with Jett. It’ll be harmless, after all he’s way out of her league.

Jett sees this as his opportunity to make his move. He’s always known lily was different. She wasn’t just another one of his conquests. The problem though is getting her to see that he’s changed from his playboy ways and can be the man that lily needs.

Will lily realize that she’s good enough to be with Jett? Or will Jett fail to get her to see that he’s the man for her. You’ll have to read Blaze to find out!

I seriously LOVED Blaze! I was slightly disappointed with WildFire. I felt like it wasn’t complete and there was more story to tell between Mammoth and Tamara. Which I was right because the next book in the series is a continuation of their story. I will make a note that I hope we get to see Tamara explore the World of BDSM more with mammoth like we got to see with her aunt Izzy.

Blaze also introduced a new Gallo Second gen. We got to meet Nick who is Thomas and Angels son. And boy is he going to be a handful from the little bit we got to see him! His book is after the continuation of Mammoth and Tamaras story.

Blaze was a build of angst. You could feel the tension brewing between the two and their stubbornness on not acting on it. And when it finally did happen it was like fireworks.