Misadventures of a Biker review!

The Misadventures are back! 

As with all book’s in the Misadventures series this book is standalone. You don’t need to read any of the other’s in order to understand what goes down in this one. Although you definitely should because I haven’t gone on a Misadventure that I haven’t liked!

Devin is a free man. Well he’s on parole so he’s not completely free. But in order for Devin to remain a somewhat free man and not go back into jail he must find a job and quick. The only problem is that most people look at the fact that he’s a criminal and decide to not take a chance on him. That is until he meet’s a quirky real estate agent who is in need of a receptionist and while the boss is out hires him on the spot. 

Teddi is a top real estate agent. She has her own agency she’s never let a listing go. But that could all be in jeopardy when one of her client’s gives her an ultimatum. Get their house sold in the next 30 day’s or they’ll move on to another broker.  The problem with the house is that whoever decided to do the finishes obviously had specific tastes and not a particular one that would appeal to the masses. 

Devin having worked in his dad’s construction business his whole life up until his stint in jail offer’s his services to his new boss. In more way’s than one. A joint business venture turn’s into something much more.  But will that something more be enough to keep Devin there or will he bail and go back to the other side of the state with his MC’s once he’s off parole and completely a free man. 

You’ll just have to read to find out! 

I loved the relationship between Devin and Herb. Herb was the only person who stuck by Devin in his darkest time when he went to jail. All of his friend’s and his so called brothers from the MC vanished. Even though Devin had a decent father growing up and his father having since passed, Herb stepped in and treated him like son. In more way’s than one I think the relationship not only benefited Devin but it also benefited Herb. It gave him a sense of purpose after having lost his wife and not really having any purpose in life. 

They’re banter back and forth gave the book a funny tone. The cast of character’s in this book are great.  We have Herb, we have Katie and then Vinnie the gangster.  I’m hoping maybe Katie will get a misadventure of her own as it seem’s some authors do another character from their first misadventure in their second time around. 

The only problem that I have and it’s super trivial with this book is that Teddi didn’t like the word “pussy” and instead preferred it to be called hoo-ha, muff, or cooch. I mean I’m pretty sure she was joking but it was just like a really?! Not Muff!  Like I said something trivial. 

Check out Misadventures of a Biker! Out now!