Madam Temptress review!

The end of the duet is here and Meghan March gives Magnolia the ending she deserves.

Creole Kingpin leaves us reader’s on a cliff hanger that leaves us and Magnolia wondering what exactly was the real reason Moses was in Magnolia’s house during the Hurricane. And is this whole foundation on how they met all based on a lie and if so can Magnolia put it behind her to live in the moment and give Moses the second chance he’s begging for?

Madam Temptress takes the reader on one giant rollercoaster. There’s so much that happen’s in the book that i want to just blurt out but alas that would ruin the book and i definitely don’t want to do that. So I’m going to give you the official blurb and then just tease you a whole bunch throughout my review!

Here’s the official blurb for Madam Temptress:

I didn’t choose this path. No one would.

I played the cards I was dealt.

This life made me. This city made me.

I won’t apologize for who I’ve become.

Moses wouldn’t have me any other way.

He says he wants forever, and I’m starting to believe him.

But I can’t outrun my past, and my sins are catching up with me.

If it’s time to atone, I’ll gladly pay my penance.

We might be getting our second chance, but we have to make it out alive first.

I will say this has got to be the craziest and baddest bad guy Meghan has ever written for the thing’s he does in Madam Temptress. I mean seriously the balls on this guy to do what he does has to be massive. Sorry but i cannot say anything else but when you get to that part in the book you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As with Creole Kingpin we get a return of familiar characters and a particularly new character. Mount and Keira and their daughter. We got to see a very brief scene with Mount and his daughter in Creole Kingpin, it was just enough of a tease that we definitely needed more. Well in Madam Temptress we definitely see a hell of a lot more of just what kind of father Mount is.

I was glad we got to have closure between Magnolia and her relative. It wasn’t the closure i was expecting but the way it went down definitely was better than anything i had pictured.

Magnolia and Moses were meant to be together and there’s honestly no angst in the will they or wont they end up together. Which for Magnolia i loved that she wasn’t put into that situation too much. Yeah in Creole Kingpin we got some of that because of their history but it was also because of that history that they didn’t have the brand new knowing nothing about the other person and getting to know them.

There was a character that was so minuscule in Creole Kingpin and yet struck out to me and I’m sure the reader’s but we weren’t sure whether it was by design or not that we weren’t sure we’d get the answer to who the person was or if this person was even worth knowing. Well I’m happy to say that we do get to officially meet him and he is not someone we care about.

Madam Temptress is a lovely send off to Magnolia. Meghan gave her the happy ending true to Magnolia and no one else. Sadly i dont believe we will see Magnolia or Moses pop up again in any future installment’s like other characters have. It’s just the type of ending she got that seems like that’s it. No more. Unless……. Unless Meghan does a future generation of sort’s and follow’s the kid’s of all these bad asses.

Rhodes pop’s up again in this book which leaves me to believe that he will be the next to get his own series. If that’s the case i honestly cannot wait because holy hot tamale is that man fiiiiiiine. But also given Moses two employee’s we might see more of them as well. It just all depend’s who’s up next on Meghan’s board.

Madam Temptress is out now so grab yourself a copy!