The Redemption review!

Macalister Hale is the patriarch of the Hale family. He’s the disgraced “king” of cape hill.

The Redemption can be read apart from the first three books in the Filthy Rich Americans series. However i highly suggest you read the first three before you read The Redemption so you can get all the background and it’ll make the reading experience all the better.

The title, The Redemption is exactly what this book is for Macalister. This the journey of his redemption with his family and the community and to us the reader. The redemption takes places a year or so after Macalisters gotten out of incarceration.

Having lost nearly everything and having been incarcerated because of his greed is not going to see him back from trying to regain at least a smidge of what he’s lost. Only one thing could stop him though. The infamous author whose famed for exposing peoples every dirty dark secret. That author has his sights set on him.

Reluctantly and albeit with some trickery. Macalister enlists the help of Sophia. With her skills at knowing nearly every secret in cape hill, they’ll steer this author in a totally different direction giving him a bigger fish than Macalister.

All along the way though the chemistry between the two is simmering until it reaches a boiling point. But will Macalister learn from his previous mistakes and keep those he loves close to him? Or will he blow his 3rd? Chance at finding love due to same old familiar patterns?

The Redemption is my favorite of the whole series so far. I love the fact that Nikki gave us Macalister’s whole story in one book and didn’t split it up like the the rest of the series. Now some people may not like Macalister since he was the antagonist in the previous three books but this story truly redeems him in the readers eye.

I didn’t think I would like Sophia because of the impression she gave off early in the series with Marist. So when I heard it would be Sophia and Macalister together I thought oh two “villains” together this will be interesting.

What Nikki Sloane did was give them a glimmer of a redeeming quality inside each of them and then she made it blossom in The Redemption. She makes each of them human and has the reader fall in love with them.

All in all The Redemption is the best in the series so far but we have one more Hale to go! Vance!! I can’t wait for his story since we don’t know too much about him.

Grab The Redemption out now!!