Spiked by Love review!

Your heart rate will spike reading Spiked by Love!

Okay so readers all fell in love with Asher Brooks back in Dump and Chase, Aidens book. Asher was the quiet, nerdy younger brother that we were first introduced too, who was way to smart and had a heart of gold. This Asher is all that and more.

Asher has broken up with his Fiancé after finding out she was really a lesbian and is moving back home to get a refreshed start. Only this time he’s bulked up and put on quite a few muscles since the last time we’ve seen him.

Ally Titov we all know from One Timer and from her boyfriend’s name, Nacho? Taquito? Chalupa? Oh that’s right it’s taco. This time we get to see Ally with her head on straight and more focused than ever on what she wants from life. With the exception of one thing or should I say one person?

Now this book is a classic trope of best friends to lovers. And Toni admits that she was nervous doing this book because she didn’t want to fuck it up. Well let me tell you, she had nothing to worry about at all.

For close to half the book we see both Asher and Ally struggle with their feelings for each other. They’ve acknowledged within themselves that the other person is Their Person but both refuse to put themselves out there to be rejected.

After a shocking turn of events that I don’t want to spoil, it definitely woke up Ally enough to finally make a move and see where this thing goes. After the first couple of stumbling blocks they get into a groove and you can see how they were absolutely meant to be together. But it wouldn’t be a Toni Aleo book without a little drama to make one or both parties realize how great they have it or how lucky they are to be with the other person.

Now I can’t not mention Emery or Stella. Those two I cannot freaking wait for their books. I know it’ll be a while at least for Emery and prolly sooner than we think with Stella but those two need their own like novella where they go on a road trip or something.

We get something similar with Asher as we did with Posey. It’s second child syndrome. I’ve officially given it a name. Posey Had a problem with Shelli because she always felt like she was living in her shadow. It was touched on in the book that Asher felt he was inadequate to his dad. I got the sense that he definitely wants to be as close to his dad as Aiden is. I wish this was a conversation between Asher and Lucas. It was never directly addressed or resolved. I know that would’ve been a definite tear jerking scene.

Now I don’t know for sure BUT I do think that I know whose book is next. You see her quite a bunch in this book and situations set her up to be in a IceCats book. That’s all I’ll say about it. But hopefully with her book we’ll get to see a bunch of her extended family!

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