Wildfire review!

Holy hot tamale this book will have you burning up like well…. Wildfire!

Tamara Gallo wants to spend the last few weeks of her summer break having the adventure of a lifetime,before going back to the monotonous grind of daily college life. What better way to do that than to surprise this super hot biker she hit it off with recently at his club compound. What could possibly go wrong? For starters the biker wanting nothing to do with her. if that didn’t put a damper in her adventure then being stuck in the compound while it goes on lockdown sure as hell will.

Mammoth is growing tired of the daily biker life. It’s the same old shit just a different day. Transferring stuff, war turfs, his “brothers” getting locked up. It’s time for a new chapter in his life he just doesn’t know what shape or form it will take. Cue the hot chick sauntering in looking dejected from the brutal rejection a fellow biker handed her.

Tamara isn’t about to let Crow or any of these other thugs see how her ego took a hit. Especially with the hottie behind the bar looking like a mammoth snack. Maybe being on lockdown won’t be so bad with mammoth acting as her bodyguard. She only hopes she lives through the lockdown to be able to get the scolding her parents are no doubt waiting to give her.

What happens when two people who are intensely attracted to one another while they can’t leave a building? It can only be described as scorching. So it’s safe to say when the threat is over Mammoth isn’t letting anyone take Tamara home but him.

Only when he gets to her place, it’s Sunday night Gallo family dinner and if he wants to see where this thing goes then it’s as good a time as any to meet the family. It’s goes about as good as you’d expect too. There’s one surprise the Chelle throws in there that makes this family meeting a tad bit scandalous and super embarrassing.

From there on you get a fast paced steamy romance between two hot people who know what they want and they’ll be damned if they let what others think or have to say get in their way of happiness.

Wildfire is the third book in the series and I have to say that I LOVE mammoth. He’s ultra sexy and completely sure of himself. He’s got the bad ass biker look down with none of the shady illegal shit that can bring down him and anyone he’s associated with.

There’s an aspect that is hinted in the book to what mammoth likes and it’s not the first time Chelle has addressed this particular kink. With that said I would’ve loved to see more of mammoth teaching the ways to Tamara. It was sort of all over the place to me in that aspect. It was like Chelle teased us readers with how scorching the book could get but refrained from unleashing that full mammoth effect. You’ll get what I mean. Maybe we’ll see it in another book. She says she sees another book with them in the future. Fingers crossed.

I loved that Chelle teased readers in Burn with who we thought would be Tamara’s anti hero crow. I loved the direction it took and it was really surprising. I wonder if we’ll see crow again down the road. There’s a redeeming quality to him.

Wildfire is out now and you can get it wherever ebooks are sold!