The Darkest King review!

The Darkest King is Gena’s most anticipated book since she’s introduced The Lords of The Underworld to us readers. Why you may ask? Well because The Darkest King is Williams book!

Now ever since William was first introduced readers have fallen in love with him. Gena’s teased us all through the series with the thought of him and Gillian getting together.

After what seemed like years of build up, readers of the Lords Of The Underworld series were in for quite a shock when they came to find out that fan favorites Gillian and William were in fact not meant to be in The Darkest Torment. I think many readers were disappointed BUT once they read The Darkest Warrior and saw how puck treated Gillian, all was forgiven.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what the book is about or give you my version of a synopsis like I do with other books because I do not want to inadvertently spoil anything for you at all.

So here’s the official Blurb of the book

A merciless prince feared by all…

Cursed by a vengeful witch, William of the Dark will die if he ever falls in love—murdered by the woman who steals his heart. His lone shot at redemption is a book filled with indecipherable code. Break the code, break the curse. Now, centuries later, he’s condemned to a string of one-night stands…until he finds the only woman in the worlds able to set him free.

A rare creature of myth and power…

One of the last living unicorn shifters, Sunday “Sunny” Lane works from the shadows as a cryptanalyst, on the run from assassins and poachers. Then the darkly seductive William abducts her, holding her captive in Hell. The closer they get, the more she hungers for his touch…and the stronger a mystical desire to kill him becomes…

Both forever doomed?

At war with his brother, Lucifer, and determined to become a king of the underworld at long last, William must resist the irreverent beauty who threatens his future. But every day Sunny tempts him more, his hunger for her unmatched. Will he risk his heart—and his life—or will the curse ensure his end?

Part of what enamored readers with William is that the unknown backstory that we’ve been teased with the whole series. Well Gena does not disappoint in giving us the long awaited answers! We find out who set the curse or if there even really was a curse on William. We find out exactly what William is and what his relation to Knox is.

Sunny is amazing and the perfect match for William. She doesn’t put up with Williams crap and being a Unicorn Shapeshifter she’s the only one who can rein (get it) him in.

After reading Puck and Gillians story and then William and Sunny’s story it’s safe to say that Gena knew better as usual and expected when it comes to these characters. Now in the present day I can’t see Gillian and William together at all.

There really isn’t any stone left unturned by the time you read through The Darkest King. We see Williams backstory along with what his relationship with Lucifer used to be like and how Hades came to be his adopted father.

The romance aspect of Williams book was beyond expectations. Gena did not let readers down with the steamy level.

We haven’t heard from Gena if this is the last book in the Lord of The Underworld series or not but it did read as a send off towards the end of the book. It wrapped up the overall story ARC giving the readers closure if there aren’t any more books in the series. I don’t think that’s the case but who knows.

I think if anything the book was a closure of one era and will bring in a new one since we already know Gena has planned on integrating the Angels into the LOTU as evidenced in The Darkest Assassin. The lords might take a back seat in the series going forward and being more of a supporting character for our new heroes and heroines.

I could also just be full of shit and not know what I’m talking about. Which is more than likely. But when you finish the book come back and let me know!