Misadventures in The Cage review!

Misadventures in The Cage is a Knockout!

Josie gray is tired of the limelight. Tired of working for her brother. Tired of the feeling of being guilt trapped by her family and she’s tired of getting letters of rejection from kitchens she wants to learn in. So it’s no wonder why we find her in a local Vegas dive bar trying to get hammered.

All Callan Walsh can taste is victory. He’s never lost in the ring and he’s not about to in what is easily considered the biggest match of his career let alone his life. As a way to calm his nerves before a big match he’s decided to see where the locals like to unwind.

What’s supposed to just be a one night stand between the two turns into a week or two of a whirlwind romance. However a lack of trust and outside forces are against this couple from the very beginning.

Callan is supposed to fight Josies brother in a championship fight. Josie is her brothers assistant and they also film a reality tv show due to her brothers fame. However all these factors play a role in what ultimately leads Josie to run and Callan not to give chase.

After a year of taking time to fix what was not making her happy in life, Josie’s finally ready to return home and give Vegas and her family another shot. It’s also doesn’t help that she’s gotten a job offer from a celebrity chef that she can’t refuse. If she sees Callan then that’s just an added benefit.

After a year apart the timing seems to be perfect to give what they felt, the chance to

Spread. Or so it seems. Unforeseen events keep coming at this couple and it’s starting to feel like they are just not meant to be together.

Will they fight for the Happily ever after they both want? Or will they let what they think the honorable thing to do is,l ruin their chances. You’ll have to read Misadventures in the Cage to find out.

This is Sarah Robinson’s first deep dive into The Misadventure world and I loved it! She fits right in and doesn’t fall into what I feel is the trap that some of the authors have fallen in. They let the fact that this is a one off and what is labeled as a low pressure high steam romance standalone series kind of ruin the books believability In terms of the time line.

What I really loved about this book, was that instead of trying to cram in every single aspect of falling for someone within a couple hundred pages making the timeline feel extremely short. Sarah did something different. She included a time jump which helps the reader conceptualize the growth in each character. It’s to the point where it’s the right time to see if there is something more between these two.

What I would’ve like to see more of is the BDSM aspect that we started out with. It died out pretty quickly as you delved deeper into the book.

As always you can get the Misadventures series in bookstores and where ever Ebooks are sold.