Power Play Review!

I knew about 4 pages in that this was going to be a heart wrenching book. I was right!

Posey Adler has always been second fiddle when it comes to her big sister Shelli. From sucking up all the attention to all the boys using her to get to Shelli. So when she thinks she finally has the chance at finally being number one to a guy she takes it. Only to get burned badly.

Coming back with her tail tucked between her legs all she wants to do is do the job she was offered as the assassins special teams assistant coach.

Boon Hoenes thought he had it all especially coming from nothing. But that all changes when not only does his fiancé break up with him but that she’s also cheated. But that’s her loss not his. He has to get back on the path to win the Stanley cup. And this new coach is supposedly the right person to do it.

One could say that it’s lust at first sight and after quenching their desires and some miscommunications along the way, they find themselves in a relationship. But fear for how it would look between a player and a coach dating keeps them on the down low. Not to mention Posey doesn’t want to give her Dad anymore stress than he’s already dealing with Shelli.

Will they make it to the end or will Posey stipulations strangle a budding relationship that has the potential to go all the way? You’ll have to read and find out.

Posey’s book is not without getting another glimpse into the life that is being an Adler. With Shea’s antics rising as Shelli is planning her wedding not to mention Posey flying off to see the douchebag of a guy. We also get to see a lot more of another Adler child… Quinn. The other middle child. Based off his interactions in this book I’m excited to see him fall in his own book in the future.

Now all this mention of the Adlers and I have to mention one thing. It’s mildly spoilery….. Shea punch’s Boon in the face!! The situation revolving around this punch is just ________. That’s all I’m saying I won’t even say what the word is but just know that you’ll well let me just stop.

What I loved about this book was the fact that there was no huge major fight that makes the couple break up for a period of time like there is in most romance books. That’s not to say though that there isn’t a fair amount of arguments or other scenarios that go wrong. They just aren’t to the point of breaking it off. I think it’s because they are so comfortable with each other that you get the sense right from the start that they are just meant to be together. And they both know it. I got that sense a couple times from Toni Aleo books, Chandler and Amelia, Ryan and Sofia just to name a few.

Now I do wish there would’ve been some more sibling rivalry between Posey and Shelli or more of a come to Jesus. It does get addressed and resolved but I wanted a little bit more out of it. Call me selfish or a glutton for punishment.

I can go on and on about Power Play and any Toni Aleo book but I won’t and I’ll let you all read it and enjoy the crazy awesome book that is Power Play.