The Darkest Assassin review!

The Darkest Assassin brings back the much anticipated Sent ones and we finally get Bjorns story! Rolling it into the LOTU series.

The Darkest Assassin features two characters that we’ve already been introduced to.We all know Bjorn and what he’s been through from reading the previous fallen angel series and through earlier LOTU books as they interacted with each other.

Fox is a recent new comer to the group but we know her as Galens right hand girl. She’s the keeper of Distrust and so far isn’t doing that great of a job keeping the demon under control.

In fact that’s the catalyst that sets this book in motion. The book starts with Fox Awakening after the Demon had taken control to find that she murdered ten innocent Sent Ones that didn’t even have a fighting chance. Bjorn has been tasked with killing Fox for her crimes but when they first interact Bjorn is stunned by Fox’s beauty.

Maybe it’s because he’s self abstained or maybe it’s because he interrupted Foxes Shower time. But either way there’s something that prevents him from landing the killing blow and instead makes her his prisoner.

All throughout this book Bjorn must decide on whether or not to fight against the orders that were given to him or if he’s going to be a good little soldier. Bjorn must decide if love is worth risking it all even the life that he’s known his whole existence.

While The Darkest Assassin is it’s own novella it also sets up what is Gena’s most anticipated book, The Darkest King. William the Ever Randy’s book. If you’ve been paying attention to Gena’s social media page then you know a little about who Williams life mate is going to be and what she is. You’ll see in TDA that William has already met her and his story coincides with TDA. Think of TDA as a jumping point to launch into The Darkest King.

On a Sent one note, gena has said that she’s rolling the Sent ones into the LOTU series so expect some sent ones books in between any other Lord of The Underworld still left out there. I can see a potential for one that I will not mention and also of course xcerxes.

Go ahead and pick up The Darkest Assassin which is out now!