Burn review!

Chelle first set us a Flame and now we’re Burning in this new book!

Y’all I loved Burn so much!! Pike and Gigi are amazing together and even though Burn picks right up after Flame, it seems like they’re more settled in as a couple than you would expect.

Burn picks up right where Flame ended. Literally. And while Burn is a continuation of Pike and Gigi’s story it is quite different from Flame. Chelle did a great job in keeping Burn fresh and fast paced and new all the while keeping it grounded in its roots from Flame.

That also includes its problems. You have the Father who tries to do harm to Gigi at the end of Flame and you see the repercussions of that through out Burn. You find out why the dad did what he did and just when you think he’s locked up and can’t do any more harm just think again!

There was a moment in the book that made me tear up, where Pike is reading a letter from his mom. And while yes the letter was emotional from my standpoint it was what pike thought after reading that letter that was like a gut punch. It’s not the reaction you would normally get when you read other books.

I would say that Burn is definitely the more emotionally driven of the two books. It not only deals with Pikes grieving of the loss of his mother. It also deals with Pikes strained relationship with his brother. And everything that is going on with his father.

We get a cast of side characters with the potential for future books in this new series and I honestly cannot wait. One of them is Pikes brother, Austin, which at this point in the game I’m most excited to get his book. Granted his age it won’t be soon but probably 3 books from now. My hope is that he marries into the Gallo Family just like his brother. Maybe one of Gigi’s sisters? Hmm possibilities are there Chelle!

Let me tell you Austin, to me stood out the most this book. He was a hilarious introduction to the series and I can’t wait to see more of him.

Burn also sets up the next book in the series Wildfire starring Tamara and Logan.

Grab Burn now!