House of Scarlett review!

House of Scarlett or (HoS) is the second book in what will be Meghan March’s best series yet and knocks The Forge Trilogy out of the top spot. See what I did there? Pun intended!

In House of Scarlett we see Legend and Scarlett truly make a go out of being in a relationship. Legend puts aside his fears and stops listening to his friends prejudices of why it will never work between the two and follows his heart. But just because they’re now in a relationship doesn’t mean that everything is going to go smoothly.

Here’s the official blurb:

Gabriel Legend is unlike any other man I’ve ever met.

He came into my life like a hurricane, shattering all my assumptions and preconceived notions.

I wasn’t prepared for him. I wasn’t prepared for any of it.

But life doesn’t wait until you’re ready.

Whatever happens next, I know one thing for certain.

I will never be the same Scarlett I was before I met him.

Knowing Meghan not only do the problems that she’s brought up in The Fall of Legend carry through to this book, she lets them take a back seat all the while to give room to new obstacles to eventually come between the couple.

Something else I noticed in HoS is there’s a brief moment between Q and Flynn that we don’t get to actually read but from Legends impression of the interaction it makes me wonder if Meghan is planting the seed for a story with both of them.

The cliff hanger that Meghan leaves us on in House of Scarlett is an even bigger one than The Fall of Legend! But what the cliff hanger has to deal with will hopefully mean that the hugest obstacle will be put of the way early on in the final book leaving room for all of the other problems that Meghan arose in HoS to get solved.

Just thinking about the amount of plot lines that Meghan has to close in the last book is making me even more excited to read it. It’s definitely going to shape up into one of the craziest twistiest finales that she’s ever wrote. I can’t wait to see how our new favorite couple handles everything that’s going to come to a head!

House of Scarlett is now available where ever Ebooks are sold and you cans also order the paperback off of Meghans Website!