One Timer review!


Toni Aleo fans have gotten what has been long denied to us! (Dramatic much?! Lol) Jakob and Harpers story is now upon us. Everyone who has read Toni Aleo’s Assassins series religiously knows who Harper and Jakob are. They’re the on couple that has never gotten there own story. Instead Toni gave us snippets of their story through Elli and Sheas story. But after all these years that’s gonna change with, yup, One Timer!

Now One Timer is only a novella and not a full length novel. It kind of follows the same template as How We Fell in Love which is Grace and James’ story. Although instead of setting up the next book for Jakob and Harpers Daughter’s book it sets it up for Posey .

We very briefly get a glimmer of what Posey’s relationship is with her sister Shelli. Which is highlighted in the official blurb for Power Play. I never considered what Posey might feel toward Shelli since we only really ever were exposed to Shelli. Sure there was a pop up of Posey here and there but not much air time with us readers. Anyways we can deep dive that when Power Play comes out the end of the year!

Back to One Timer. It’s starts off much the same way as How We Fell In Love. Jakob and Harpers story is told to us from Harper and Jakob in a point that they are trying to make with their daughter and to get her to see reason. To not let emotion ruin her very bright future. We get to see first hand how hard Harper tried to fight off Jakob and how persistent Jakob was in his battle to win Harpers heart.

Since this is a novella and not a full length novel and it’s a memory from Harper and Jakob and not actual real time like other books we get to see an abbreviated version over a span of time. I would’ve loved to have more of their story and what they went through in trying to conceive. Instead of reading a little bit about it in Pipers book. We also got to see a just starting out Elli and Shea along the way and it brought out all the feels and was like a great reminiscent moment.

To me probably the most interesting part involved Jakob and Harpers son. Theres a line that Allison said to her brother Journey that immediately set my mind hoping that we would get a book involving Journey. In fact I was so moved that I messaged Toni and she did let me know that Journey will get his own book later down the line and I CANNOT wait. Especially if the little nugget of info Allison Dropped about Journey ends up true.

In One Timer not only did Toni set up Poseys book in the next gen Assassins but potentially Bellevue Bullies book (Journey?) and maybe an Ice Cats book (Allison?)

Bottom line is that although we waited a while to get Harper and Jakob’s story. It was definitely worth the wait! Toni did a great job giving the readers a glimpse into the past all the while plotting out the future.

One Timer is available wherever E-Books are sold!