Misadventures with a Time Traveler review!

Follow me on this Misadventure back in time and then back to the present. Yes you read that right! 🙂

As with all book’s in the Misadventures series this book is standalone. You don’t need to read any of the other’s in order to understand what goes down in this one. Although you definitely should because I haven’t gone on a Misadventure that I haven’t liked!

Here’s the official blurb

Workaholic Allie Fine isn’t thrilled about a surprise birthday trip to the French countryside, where there’s nothing to do but drink wine and tour old castles. But boredom takes a hike when a sexy period actor shows up to be her special between-the-sheets gift.

Maximillian De Leon, the towering god with eyes of gold and pecs of steel, is the most incredible lover she’s ever had. But Allie wakes with confusion when her French lover tells her he’s actually Prince Maximillian, and he hasn’t seen the light of day since 1789.

Crazy or not, Max De Leon is the hottest man Allie’s ever met—and the perfect piece on her arm to impress the corporate brass and take her career to the next level. So what if he keeps claiming he has to marry her to break a centuries-old curse in order to stay alive. He’ll get over that soon enough…right?

Now I’ve got to admit this book was hard for me to read. dealing with personal issues in my life and not being able to fully get into the book as I usually do does not help.

If I remember correctly Misadventures with a Time Traveler was supposed to be released way earlier. I think even last year but for some unknown reason to me it was delayed. But still that didn’t detract from how good this Misadventure was!

I found it hilarious with how Max was dealing with all the new stuff the modern world had to show him.

This misadventure was definitely different then any of the other misadventures. With a supernatural element to it mixed with historical. Which i found was different set of pace and a bit refreshing from all the other stuff I’ve been reading lately.

If you want a steamy, gut laughing slightly paranormal historical romance, than Misadventures with a Time Traveler is your book!

Pick up your copy where ever books and e book’s are sold!