Big Win review!

Kelly jamieson is #Wynning!

Everly Wynn is lauded as the princess of the Wynn family dynasty. To everyone including most of her family, she’s seen as perfect. Running her family hockey teams charity organization, she can’t afford to be seen as anything less. Especially since being perfect is nothing but a charade for want she feels inside. So to her it’s no surprise…. okay it’s still a surprise when she wakes up in Wyatt Bells bed.

Wyatt Bell has no cares in the world, he’s seen and known as the carefree, always wants to have a good time, stress free guy. But that’s what he wants everyone to think. So when his word sparring partner finally concedes to their mutual attraction for one another he’s all game. But what was supposed to be a fun casual night of sex turns into just another regular night when Everly has too much to drink.

What starts out as a casual one time (on Everlys Part) fling ends up being a PR issue. A harmless photograph from a sex shop gives the wrong impression to the public and it’s up to Everly and Wyatt to go onto “PR” dates. But to Wyatt he sees it as his opportunity to get under his princesses skin.

Both weighed down by their past, will they be able to work through it together and finally get to a deeper relationship or will the past make a reappearance and keep them from finding their forever person. Well you’ll have to read to find out!

Big Win was a great addition to the series and propelled the overall story ARC forward a lot in terms of the family drama. Hopefully not much forward where it’s completed before all the younger Wynn generation gets their happily ever after.

Although you don’t find out until close to the end what haunts them, all throughout the book you get hints dropped to you and a sense that what each has gone through were traumatic in their own right and fundamentally changed them as people. This book deals with that and how you are able to truly move forward with your life, when Life deals you blows.

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