Misadventures with a Twin review!

As with all book’s in the Misadventures series this book is standalone. You don’t need to read any of the other’s in order to understand what goes down in this one. Although you definitely should because I haven’t gone on a Misadventure that I haven’t liked!

Colton and Corey finally have something to show for themselves and what better way to show it off then going to their high school reunion. Granted it’s been a while since they’ve seen these people so they’re names might be a little fuzzy but still. They’ve come a long way from being just known as “ the twins”.

Zara has alway’s had a crush on Corey in High school but never had the self esteem to act on it. But 10 year’s makes a big difference. She’s lived a little and has grown into her own self. So when she see’s him saddle up to the bar next to her, she see’s this as her opportunity and she’s going to take it.

Colton cant believe his luck when he goes to the bar to get a couple of beer’s and this knockout start’s flirting with him. One thing lead’s to another and they wind up in her hotel room doing the deed. Only when she calls out his brother’s name he know’s he’s made a grave mistake and it’s best if he doesn’t see her again.

But as luck or life would have it, it’s got a different plan for the two. Turn’s out Zara is buying Colton’s father’s restaurant. And as thing’s progress it becomes clear to Colton that he cant reveal who he really is for fear that it could ruin the business deal with his dad.

All throughout the book we see Colton wrestle with trying to do the right thing and tell Zara who he really is. But will Colton get the chance to tell her himself or will Zara stumble across it? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

There’s a twist in this book that I didn’t expect to happen, i expected it to play out like most book’s would but that was not the case. I was pleasantly surprised that this character owned up their stuff and decided it was time to put it all out there. I loved the interaction between the twin’s and wished we could’ve gotten even more of them bantering back and forth. I wish Zara and her parent’s strained relationship could’ve been played out even more. And when they go to meet the family, Meemaw, man is she priceless!

Like i mentioned in the beginning the Misadventures series are all stand alone however as we are getting into the second year with it we are increasingly finding out that returning author’s are writing sequel’s about side character’s that were mentioned in their first Misadventure. I’m hoping the next Misadventure Elizabeth Hayley will write will feature Corey as the main guy.

Misadventures with a Twin is out now! Go and grab it wherever books are sold!