The Fall of Legend review!

The core message of this trilogy is pretty much established from the very beginning. No matter where or how you’ve grown up, no matter whether your successful in your career; Love doesn’t care. Love knows no bounds.

From the outside Scarlett has it all, her business is booming, she has a steady boyfriend and she talks to her father. everyone wants to be her. But that’s not the case. While true that her business is booming and is doing great she’s been going through the motions with her boyfriend only so she’d have the father she’s always wanted.

That’s all blown to hell when she meets Legend. Ever since her first encounter with him she can’t get him out of her head and not because he inadvertently kidnapped her and then essentially blackmailed her to help him. No it’s the way he looks and the way he carries himself. All the research she’s done only intrigues and increases her desire more Until she’s come to the conclusion that she has to have this mysteriously sexy man.

The difference between this book and a lot of other Meghan march books is the fact that we see the hero down on his luck. He’s not at the level of success a lot of other Meghan Marches heroes are at. He’s down on his luck struggling to keep his first legitimate business open and hes not trying to slide back into the underground world.

With help of Scarlett this is one of his last options on keeping his club open. Granted it’s through unconventional means that they meet and through which they strike a deal. Scarlett will use her celebrity status and go to his club drawing in the public in exchange for him not harming her. Little does she know Legend would never harm a Locke of hair on her gorgeous head.

Legend has to deal with the mess that his friend has put him in and try to make the best of it. But he also must try to keep his distance from the beautiful bombshell set to help turn his club around from financial ruin. That proves easier said then done when he sees some douchebag harassing her in his club.

All throughout this book you see legend struggling to keep Scarlett at a distance both physically and emotionally. Not just because she’s in a totally different social class but because who he’s run from in his past is bound to catch up with him, and when that person does, it’s best that he not show or have any weaknesses.

Now The Fall of Legend is the first book in the trilogy. so keeping this in mind you can start to see the threads that Meghan weaves of the yet to be solved mysteries that appear and the twists that are just waiting in the wings to happen.

From the first page your automatically hooked in to what the hell is going on and who these characters are. Meghan doesn’t hold back any punches in writing this series and we as the readers get the full benefits of this.

The new side characters that Meghan introduces in this series are entertaining as hell. Especially Scarletts friends. I’m hoping we get to see a book with Kelsey and I would love one for Monroe and Harlow but alas their married so that’s a no go. Gabes surrogate family is really a tight circle of friends partly molded by guilt for has happened in the past. Legends one friend Q is a massive dick. You briefly find out why and I’m hoping we get to see more of that.

With all that being said The Fall of Legend is a great start to what may be Meghans Greatest work yet. I can’t wait to read House of Scarlett, book 2 in this terrific trilogy!