Misadventures at City Hall review!

City Hall gets sworn in to the Misadventures series!

Skye had her whole career planned out. Start as a staffer, work her way up to city manager then start at the local level of elected offices. But that all changed when her sleazy boss died and his wife took his spot and took out all the corrupted politicians. Now flash forward and several seats are open and up for election. With the Help of Bailey, Skye skips a couple steps and sets her sights on the city council.

Kyle is an ADA who’s out for a couple drinks when he spots this gorgeous woman who he saw in passing during their college years but has never gotten the chance to make a move. Nows his chance though.

What Skye thinks is a chance meeting and really it is, with some douche from college who she’ll hopefully never see again is so wrong. Turns out not only does he work in the same building as an ADA but is also running for the same seat as her!

Now I know what your thinking! You’re thinking that you know how the book is going to go. They become rivals and do everything they can to sabotage each other’s campaigns all the while they have wild hate sex that turns out to be love. WRONG

Turns out Kyles not really that into it. He’s just going through the motions and thinks that should be his next step in his career. Although it wasn’t in the book I kind of think he put his name in the race so he could be around Skye a lot more and work his way in.

While yes they are technically rivals, it’s not portrayed that way or even seen that way at least in Kyles point of view. Skye is the one who has the most to lose in this secret non relationship relationship since there’s a double standard about women. If it gets out that she’s hooking up with her rival she might as well kiss her whole career as a potential elected official goodbye.

Will their Secret get out and Skye be ruined or will Kyle save the day before anything bad can happen? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

P.S. if you think Bailey and Oliver seem familiar that’s because THEY ARE! They are in a previous Misadventures, Misadventures with a Book Boyfriend! That is also where we first met Skye, as Oliver’s best friend and former roommate.

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