Misadventures in Blue review!

The fall line up of Misadventures is here!

Jace is a fairly new and young cop, but his experience over seas has changed him and given him an older soul than his fellow colleagues. He thinks this is just going to be another night on patrol. Catch a couple criminals. Write up some paperwork then head to the bar when he’s done his work day. But that all changes when a call goes out for him to investigate a reported break in.

At first it appears to be just another standard break in but something seems familiar to him. Finally being able to place it, he calls in the detective that’s investigating a string of break ins.

Cat is an accomplished detective with the highest closed case rate in the state. So when she’s put on the job of finding out why only TVs are getting stolen from dentist offices, she’s thinks it should be an easy case right? Wrong. Getting a call on another break in should be routine. Inspect the crime scene for clues interview the responding officer and the person in charge of the building. What she doesn’t expect is for the responding officer to be so totally hot.

It’s Lust at first sight for both Jace and Cat and after a quick reckless decision Cat invites him back to her place after he gets done his shift. What ensues in this story is a crazy amount of hot…hot….HOT steamy scenes between two consenting adults. You see two people trying to heal from their traumatic pasts whether it be war or dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Will Cat be able to move past what happened with her ex and realize what she has in front of her and take the risk? Or will history repeat itself and have Jace be ripped from her before she’s made her choice.

Misadventures in Blue was a great kick off to the Fall 2019 line up of Misadventures. My one and only complaint about this book is that I wish it was longer and that we could’ve had more plot with the actual investigation part. Other than that this book was steamy as I previously mentioned. A great and fast read that will leave you wanting more.

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