Flame review!

Grab a Fan because Flame is going to have your face Flaming red while you read this!

The Gallos are back and this time the next generation are taking over! Flame is Chelle Bliss’s newest Gallo book but this time it’s all about The Gallo’s children! So have no fear your still going to see plenty of your favorite OG family.

One thing to keep in mind is this Book is part one of Gigi and Pikes story and will finish up in Burn which will release in December.

Gigi is down on spring break just trying to get over her ex. And with the help of some liquid courage ( and some good old fashioned peer pressure ) she decides to do that by getting under someone else. One night, that’s all it was supposed to be, But it turned out to be so so much more.

It’s spring Break and also Bike week. Meeting up with his old buddies and a bunch of women looking for a good time, what more could Pike ask for. Well he may not ask for it but it’s sure as hell found him…;)

Starting at a new job in a new town is stressful enough. But when the girl who ghosted you on spring break walks in calling your new boss Daddy, and setting up shop at the station next to you, takes your stress level through the roof.

What starts out as a somewhat tenuous relationship between gigi and pike heats up when trouble from pikes past follows him and sets its sights on taking out the one person Pike has come to care about. Gigi.

Flame takes us through a crazy journey of a kid, now an adult, trying to step out of her parents shadows and fight for what and who belong to her. And a man learning to step up and face his past vs running away and losing everything he holds dear.

The end of this book leaves you with a cliff hanger and has you saying WTF is going on! This story is definitely not done and will pick up in the second book of The Next Gen series called Burn.

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