The Obsession review!

Nikki Sloane’s has me Obsessed with The Obsession!

Nikki Sloane’s took The Initation and ramped it up even more and gave us The Obsession. It picks up right where The Initiation left us and we get so see how Marist deals with the shocking deal made between Royce and Macalister and how by making this deal Royce might’ve pushed Marist away forever.

After the deal Marist must find her way through this family and play the game or get steam rolled. I’ve got to say all through this book i kept thinking something would happen and then it would turn a different direction and it kept me on my toes.

It has the traditional forbidden erotic element as all of Nikki’s books have. Since you’ve read The initiation, you know just how kinky of a situation Marist can find herself in. it was really only one instance towards the end that was really and OMG moment. Well in The Obsession it’s more spread throughout the book as we get deeper and deeper into what the Hales want, specifically one patriarch. The Obsession left me wanting more and the ultimatum that was given at the end of this book makes me secretly hope she takes it. Like I said forbidden erotic element is a major player in this book.

Throughout this book we see and learn much more of the hales. Especially the patriarch of the family, Macalister. Macalister never plays a game that he doesn’t already know he’s going to win and with her deal that Marist is making he’s slowly closing all the doors to her freedom and drawing her closer to where he wants her, in his bed.

Will Marist finally be able to beat him at his own game? Or will she make the wrong move and end up where he wants her.

Where’s Royce you might ask? busy off making his secretive moves. While we see Royce in this book to me it seemed like he took a back seat in most of this story. It was really about Marist finding herself and learning that she can handle anything that gets thrown at her, even Macalister Hale.

There was something in the book that Marist explaining about chess. How it was really three games in one the beginning, middle game and the end game. It made me think that is what this whole trilogy is.

The initiation was the opening, it gave Marist her first true taste at the manipulative lengths the Hale family is willing to go to get what they each individually want. The Obsession is the middle game. The hales have made their first move and now it’s time for Marist to either join the game and fight for what she wants or to be nothing but pawn between father and son.

And I’m assuming The Deception, the final book in the filthy rich American series will be classified as the end game. Where everything comes to a head and they all play their final cards and see who will be on top and who will have crumbled.

I can’t wait to see where Nikki takes us when The Deception comes out! Get you book here.


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