In It To Win It review

the second installment of Kelly jamiesons Wynn series is better than the first! I cant wait to see where she takes us with the next!

J.P. Wynn is the black sheep of his family and that’s saying something. Considering his dad and uncle are suing his grandfather for stealing money and they all think his wife is a gold digger looking for a big fat payday. But even the two sides of his family can agree that him stealing his brothers girlfriend while she was still with him is crossing the line.

But that is all in the past and he’s made amends with his brother and is standing as his best man in his wedding. It’s at his brothers wedding that he meets this beautiful bridesmaid Taylor.

Taylor has sworn off hockey players after her ex just up and left without a word after getting traded. But a one night stand couldn’t hurt could it?? And so what if her ex is there and sees her flirting with j.p.. what she doesn’t expect is a fight to break out at the reception and she can’t deal with it. J.P. Just can’t catch a break and thinks that he fell back into his old ways by picking a girl who already had a boyfriend and can’t catch a break.

Never seeing her again is just fine with JP so when he shows up to his brothers place to eat some dinner he didn’t expect to see her there. After they clear the air about what went down JP thinks nows his time to strike and maybe ask Taylor out. But after hearing she’s going out on a date with someone else he backs off.

Deciding to be friends sets the course for most of this book with their chemistry an underlying thing that is building and building all throughout the book. When life happens and forces Taylor to readjust her perspective on certain things, JP is there to help her through it.

All the while their friendship is going on JP is taking some him time and working on improving himself. Trying not to react and get into any fights on the ice. But that all changes after they’re friendship turns into a relationship and he meets Taylor’s Ex on the ice and gets into round 2 with him.

Seeing the cause of him sliding backwards is because of his feelings for Taylor he breaks up with her. Will JP get his head out of his ass in time to get Taylor back? Or will it be too late and Taylor will have moved on?? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

In it to win it is out now! Go pick up a copy now!