Wolf Rain review!

Aleixi is a changed wolf ever since his brother was executed a year ago. The last of his line he believes his family is cursed with going rogue once the males find their mate and initiate the mating bond. On the eve of the anniversary of his brothers death, aleixi emotionally closed off and distant from his pack finds himself running to escape the ghost of his brother when he feels an tsunami of grief. Only it’s not his grief it’s someone else’s.

Memory has lost her only friend she’s ever had and probably will ever have. Kidnapped and forced to watch the murder of her mother at the age of 8, all she’s known is being kept a prisoner. So when she loses her cat she’s overcome with grief knowing she’s going to be by herself for the rest of her life in her bunker.

That is until this wild wolf changeling tears down the door.

Tracking the Empaths grief to this underground bunker, Alexi knows he has to handle her with care not knowing what kind of frame of mind she’s in. Finding herself with this strange man, memory, is finally free. Thrust into this new world under the guise of being an empath she knows it’s only a matter of time before aleixi and his pack discover that she’s a monster like her captor.

Faced with the danger of her captor trying to get Memory back, and potentially crushing weaker Changelings under the barrage of her wide open emotions she goes to The Compound. There with the help of Sascha and the other mentors Memory learns to control her shields. But it’s not long before they discover that she’s not a normal Empath.

Over the course of her training and the danger the looms it draws Memory and Alexi closer and closer together. Despite what Alexi wants he can’t help but fall for this strong fierce woman.

Faced with the known danger attempting to get Memory back and this unknown new danger making its appearance will Memory and Alexi’s relationship survive? Will Alexi succumb to his families curse or will Memory be taken away before he even knows what having a mate feels like? Well you’ll have to read the book to find out!

I love Nalini’s Psy Changeling series! It’s one of the best paranormal romance series that exist. With Wolf Rain it just another beautiful stroke in her masterpiece that she’s creating.

In Wolf Rain you really get this sense of

Looming doom about the psynet that overrall you wonder how or if there’s going to be a fix for. At the end there’s a glimmer of hope but with only one person that is known to have this ability it’s not a permanent solution that can be taken into consideration. Leaving you wondering what the future of the series is going to look like.

Wolf Rain is available wherever books and ebooks are sold!