Changing Lines review!

By the end of Changing Lines you’ll be struck with the sensation of knowing that this novella is a full circle moment for Jude and Claire!

In Changing Lines We finally get to see an actually glimpse into Jude and Claire’s life after Boarded by Love! We haven’t really gotten any true glimpse into their lives. In fact they’re the couple we know the least about and they were the ones who started this whole series! Well that all changes with Changing Lines!

Now even though Changing lines is a novella, it packs the emotional punch of a full length Toni Aleo novel. The novella starts off with the news that Jude is getting traded and it couldn’t come at a more worse time. You see they’re awfully close to the birth of their adoptive child and they don’t want the mother to change her mind. Through the novella we find out that they’ve tried everything to conceive their own biological child but for one reason or another it just isn’t working. Left with this only option that kind of fell into their laps, Claire takes it.

We really get to see the obstacles that Claire and Jude face in trying to have a child. Claire is doubting her worth as a woman and questioning why Jude would want to be with her when she can’t perform her “womanly” duty and conceive. Jude is barely holding it together to be strong enough for Claire, riddled with his own self worth issues as a man and a husband.

Through it all though we get to see Claire and Jude come back together to one another stronger than ever before. The novella chronicles the last stages of the birth mothers pregnancy and the daily lives of Claire and Jude preparing for their baby to arrive all the while trying one last time to conceive their own.

There’s one scene at the end with Claire, Phillip and Reese and it honestly made me tear up so much! It fully hit me how much of a full circle moment this is. Think about it. We first met Claire in Breaking Away as a runaway 16 year old punk girl who gave Phillip a run for his money when he first took her in. Then we get to see her as a young adult in Boarded by Love and have her find the man of her dreams and fall in love. NOW she’s going to have a child! FULL CIRCLE!

There was one surprise at the end which I felt very fitting and very deserved. I honestly would’ve felt robbed reading the novella if this thing hadn’t happened. That’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to spoil it. I will say along with any Sinclair story we get to see Brief, brief glimpses of the whole family. Which was nice in the setting that it happened.

One last note that I picked up on and this is just my OPINION not based on anything factual or on any conversation I had with toni. Just had to preface that because I don’t want people thinking this is true. Okay here it goes. I got the sense that this was the end of for the Sinclair’s. I mean we’ve gotten everyone’s books, gotten a couple of novellas out of them. The family has come full circle in and of itself. Now that’s not to say that I don’t expect to see Jayden in the next gen Assassins or who knows maybe we’ll see another Sinclair in the Ice Cats series eventually. But I felt that the Jude and Claire was a loose thread that hadn’t been corrected until this point.

With that said I hope I’m completely wrong and we get more stories from them. Who knows maybe we’ll get a next generation of them? Only time will tell.

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