Love review!

Chelle Bliss’s Love is a heartwarming Goodbye to the Gallo family in Chicago and a familiar hello to the next generation of Gallos in Florida. It’s the closing of one chapter( for now at least) and the beginning of the next.

In Chelle Bliss’s last visit to the Men of inked:Southside, Love, is one big family reunion! Love follows Tilly and Angelos journey to making it to the alter and what happens afterwards. I’ve got to say the bachelorette party was amazing and I hope we get to see more of the club they went to and it’s mysterious owner, Slate.

The wedding itself was really sweet. What got me was this one moment right before the wedding where Tilly’s past and future come together in the form of two letters. Two letters which will make you bawl your eyes out. There’s also a heartwarming moment between Tilly and Tate that will just pull and break your heartstrings.

We also got a surprising update at the wedding reception about Michelle and what she’s been up to. She’s set to get married to a super hot telenovela star. Which immediately left me wondering if I had missed a stand alone book about them and had me searching. So if anyone else wonders the same thing no there is no book of their own(yet?)z

While Love was really about Tilly and Angelo and how life is pre wedding and after wedding. Life doesn’t slow down for the rest. We get a great update on Vinnie and Bianca. Whether or not her father finds out she’s pregnant and if he kills Vinnie.

In Love we get to see not only what the Southside gallos are up to but we also get to see ALL of the gallo’s from sunny Florida. It was so nice seeing where they’ve all ended up in life.

What Love does is not only gives us a chance to say goodbye (for now?) to the Southside Gallos, but it also sets up the next generation of Gallos starting with Gigi ( city and Suzy’s daughter.). Yes that’s right, the next generation of Gallos are getting their own books! I also say for now in regards to the Southside is because I believe after this generation of the Florida Gallos gets their books we might see the next generation of SouthSide Gallos get theirs.

Grab your copy of Love now! And keep an eye out for Flame the first book in the next Gallo series Heatwave One coming later this year!