Marked review!

By the time I finished this book, it left me wanting more and has me impatiently waiting for the second book.Marked is the first book in the promising new series The Blackwater Academy by Sloane Murphy.

Eden is an orphan. Having spent the most recent years of her supernatural life in a foster home. Needless to say when it comes time to attend The Blackwater Academy as all you Supes must do, Eden is anxious to start the next part of her life.

Packed with secrets, Edens one goal while at The Academy is to keep to herself and not trust anyone. That’s pretty hard to do when she’s paired with two senior students to mentor her as she comes into her full powers.

As eden discovers what she’s capable of, she must also discover truth from lie. Who’s really got her back? who is behind the recent string of murders? or if there are even murders or someone trying to lure out any of the surviving members of the original families.

Will Eden survive her first year at Blackwater Academy? Or will someone find out her secret and she be lost forever? Read Marked the first book in the new Blackwater Academy series by Sloane Murphy!

The first thing readers will notice is the similarities that Marked draws from Harry Potter. I don’t believe that was Sloane’s intention at all. However with no background into the world that The Blackwater Academy series takes place in our first glimpse is Eden arriving at the academy to be taken up a a spiral staircase to the headmistresses office. Much like where Dumbledores office was. We then learn that there are five different houses to Potters 4. The similarities continue when you find out that a professor is in charge of each house and each house also has student house captains. Just like in Harry Potter.

However that being said those are where the similarities stop. As you read further and further into the book it quickly pulls away from any similarities it may have had with Harry Potter and becomes its own independent thing. Once we get into the background of the world and what the history is in the general supernatural community this book takes on a life of its own.

This book had a couple inconsistencies that I picked up but before I continue I do want to say that I was given an ARC and these things that I picked up might have changed in the final version. First was there’s a scene where someone hands Eden a note inconspicuously so no one sees. We didn’t find out the meaning of the note or what was even in it at all. If it was important enough for there to be a distinction and a secrecy to handing Eden the note than I imagine its contents are important. secondly there was a mention that the winter break which is two weeks were to start the next day and someone would be confined to their room during it. Later it was mentioned that classes had resumed and the person had only been in there three days.

Those were the only two I noticed and didn’t detract from the book at all. Marked takes place in a little over a half a school year, with it ending just after winter break. I wish it would’ve taken place over a whole school year.

Overall Marked left me wanting more, which is good because I can’t wait to read the second book. However I hope the second book will give us more than book one and be over a longer period of time with longer or more scenes going through the characters decisions and different plot points than moving it along by saying “it’s been a couple days” or “over the past X amount of weeks”.

I can’t wait to see what this series has in store for us readers and I feel like we’re going to be in for a wild ride. Also in case it’s not

Obvious this book is a YA paranormal romance book. To me it has a tiny bit of romance but that by far isn’t the main focus of the book. It just had a little sprinkled throughout.

Marked the first book in The Blackwater Academy series by Sloane Murphy is out now! Pick up your copy where ebooks are sold.