The Initiation review!

Passion. Manipulation. Power. Deceit. Opulent. Kink. Shock. These are just some of the things you’ll get reading Nikki Sloane’s new book The Initiation!

Marist Northcott has coasted along blissfully under the wealthy and influential people of Cape Hill. To everyone she’s the second Northcott sister, a nobody. All Thanks to the proverbial prince of Cape hill Royce Hale.

That is until when it comes time for her sister, Emily, to do her duty and go into an arranged marriage with Royce. Instead she’s pregnant and the Hale’s can’t have that. It’s time for plan B, Marist.

When she learns of her families extreme debt and is on the verge of being homeless ,Marist has no choice but to take the offer The Hale patriarch offers her. She becomes the girl everyone wants to be, gets approved by the Board and marries his son Royce. In exchange they’ll stop the foreclosure and give the family 5 million dollars to get out of debt.

As Marist goes through all the obstacles and learns the ropes of being this high society woman, she’s also starting to develop feelings for Royce. But can she trust what she feels for him? Is the person she sees when they’re alone the true him? Or is he just playing her like the rest of his family is trying to do? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Going into this book i was unsure what exactly I would get. We know Nikki Sloane predominantly for her Blindfold Club series, which is erotic and kinky to say the least. But she’s also done stuff like The Rivalry. So to say it was a toss up on what we would get is fair to state. What we got was a pleasant mixture. Overall this book was tamer than the blindfold club series but still has a kink element to it.

There’s a serious kink scene that I don’t know how to feel about and that’s also a fair assumption of how Marist feels. I don’t want to give away what the scene was but if you read the official blurb for the book it hints at what it involves. Needless to say I’m leaning towards not liking it at all from a situational stand point,.

By the end of The Initiation I was left wondering if Royce actually loved Marist or not. This is partially because the whole book was told from Marists point of view. Which was done on purpose obviously to leave the readers wondering as to what Royce’s true motives are in this relationship.

Nikki did an excellent job in creating twists and turns and leaving the reader guessing as to what comes next especially the cliff hanger at the end. Macalister Hale is a total dick/ douche. You’ll see this all through out the book and especially at the end.

Oh and Nikki gives us readers a little cameo from the Blindfold Club series. Neomi and Joseph make a couple brief appearances!

All in all The Initiation is a great first book in the series and I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next in The Obsession book to of the Crazy Rich Americans series.

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