Dump and Chase review!!

Toni Aleo fans have been waiting and praying for this book ever since Elli had Shelli and we were first introduced to the hippogriff fighting little Aiden ! It’s like the final game to win the Stanley cup. But does it measure up to readers expectations? HELL YES it does!

After years of being in the same city, Shelli Adler has finally been invited to her crush, Aiden Brooks place since he is throwing a party. Too bad it’s on the last night she in New York. After seeing her opening to get Aiden alone, Shelli gathers up her courage, with some liquid help and goes up to him to make the first move. Lord knows she’d still be waiting if she left it up to him. What she didn’t expect but sure as hell hoped was the night of her life.

Women whenever he wants, a golden career, amazing family who he loves, to say Aiden Brooks is enjoying his life is an understatement. Sure his life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, coming off a huge scandal that proved to be a woman trying to be an opportunist, the damage is already done. In the public eye and for a brief moment in the private eye as well. To say Aiden needed this party to blow off some steam is understating it quite a bit.

When he sees the gorgeous girl his friend brought him at his party, Aiden knows his night is going to be even better.

Be careful what you wish for. While the night of hot steamy sex with her crush was everything Shelli’s always wanted. She also wanted Aiden to know who she was. Unfortunately that was not the case.

The mysterious girl who ran out on him before he was done with is driving Aiden nuts, especially since his friend won’t give him her info or even her name. But he doesn’t have time to dwell on that since his agent just called and he’s being traded to the Nashville Assassins. The team Aiden has always wanted to be on, it’s the team his dad was on.

What Aiden doesn’t expect to see when he gets to the Assassins arena is to see the mystery girl. What Aiden doesn’t expect even more and blows his mind is the fact that until just then he didn’t realize that he slept with Shelli Adler, Elli and Shea Adlers daughter, the daughter of his new team owner, and also daughter of family friends. To say Aiden lost his mind and freaked out would be sorely understating.

What starts out as a yelling match between the two and some come to Jesus moments slowly starts into something. There’s a lot of miscommunication and pride and ego in this budding relationship. Aiden is damaged from his parents past and also what he went through with his accuser. Is he strong enough to fight through those emotional scars and realize that Shelli is the one for him? Will Shelli put aside her pride and ego and be there every step of the way of Aidens progress? Will Aiden let his parents past dictate his future? Or will he take his future into his own hands and go after what he truly desires. You’ll have to read to find out!

Okay guys I really loved this book. I know a lot of people have been waiting for Shelli’s book and Aidens for a long time. Ever since we first heard that Shelli had a crush on Aiden in I believe the novella 22. The seed was planted that maybe just maybe the two would be a match. But then I remember Toni saying that she kept seeing Aiden with someone else. Maybe it was to through us off the scent or maybe there was a real possibility of Aiden being with someone else at the time.

Also in Juicy Rebound Shelli had hooked up with Chandler Moons friend. And even though she wasn’t giving it serious thought I honestly did think Shelli might up with Nico. Nico does make an appearance in Dump and Chase and I can say that the guy just doesn’t know when to give up! I mean we also see this complete douche side of him when it comes to Aiden. But I still love me some Nico and hopefully that’s the next Ice Cats book!

Toni set up the Assassins: next generation perfectly I felt. She started with the Bellevue Bullies series and giving us End Game, Ryan Justices story. Then comes the new Ice Cats Series and Juicy Rebound, Amelia Justices story. That in turn set up Shelli’s book. Which in turn brings us to now and the next generation of the Assassins series. Its actually symbolic as well. The first two books of the Assassins were of Shelli and Aiden’s parents. It’s really all come full circle.

You get to see all of the Adler and Brooks family in all their glory. And Toni gives plenty of fodder for us to anticipate their future books. My favorite sibling out of all of them is probably Emery. She’s CRAZY. We have time to wait for her book though since she’s only fourteen. But I hope she doesn’t lose any of that craziness. There’s an example of her crazy in the book and I swear I need like maybe a chapter of just her and Stella’s antics.

This book had some hilarity in it. All throughout the series you would hear some crack joke about Aidens man bun. When I read Dump and Chase I was expecting the same. So when I got through 90% of the book and no jokes I was kind of disappointed. Like this is his book there should be at least one joke about his hair! Well Toni and Shea Adler didn’t disappoint.

“He has a man bun. You’re in love with that?”– Shea Adler

There were a couple of other funny lines that I just can’t resist putting in this review

“Not my baby’s milk!” -Lucas Brooks

“ I will knock your head of your fat neck if you don’t get out of my face” -Aiden Brooks

One last thing. I just wish we had seen more fun times between Aiden and Shelli. I don’t mean sex but them hanging out or doing something that lets us see the fun in their relationship.

Oh and be prepared to reread Juicy Rebound and then reread How We Fell in Love after you’ve finished Dump and Chase because that’s precisely what this book made me want to do. It’ll also want to make you reread Ellis and Fallon’s books as well.

All that being said go grab the book!!!!