Shadow Me review!

For readers of the Shatter Me series, they know that Restore Me left us with a pretty major cliff hanger.

In Shadow Me you get to see Kenjis point of view of the last day in Restore Me. Including and leading up to the ending in Restore Me. We’ve always been given this funny, outrageous, cute persona of Kenji throughout the series. That’s not what we find in Shadow Me. We find that Kenji is actually really lonely and just wants someone to love. You see that he really and truly cares for others and goes out of his way to care. So when he doesn’t get that in return it hurts him and makes him wonder whats wrong with him. My heart went out for him.

In Shadow Me you get to see more interactions between Kenji and Nazeera. You get the feeling that maybe, hopefully the search is over for Kenji in the love department. It’s entirely to early to tell especially when you don’t TRULY know where Nazeeras loyalties lie. But hopefully from what we’ve seen it’ll work out between the two. I could even maybe see a book of their own one day? Fingers crossed.

There are some small revelations and new questions that arise in Shadow Me but I’m not going to tell you what they are because that would just be spoiling it for you. With that said you don’t need to read Shadow Me to know what’s going on in Defy Me. It’s not essential but it does add to the series. Currently Shadow Me is only in E Format but Tahereh has said that when the second novella comes out they will do a bundle in regular print form.

Grab Shadow Me wherever Ebooks are sold and stayed tuned soon for my Defy Me review!