Play to Win review!

“Kelly Jamieson shoots, she scores with her new hockey series, with the first book Play to Win taking the Stanley cup!”

Theo Wynn is part of a dynasty. a hockey dynasty, his grandfather and father both own teams, uncles working either as coaches or actual players, aunts working with the teams foundations. It’s hard for Theo to stand out. After suffering a blow to his eye that ended his dream career and rebuilding himself, his grandfather offers him the job of a Lifetime, general manager of his hockey team.

Lacey has nobody to rely on but herself. She’s never known her dad, her mother passed away and her only brother just emptied her bank account. So to say Lacey has been living a pretty hard life is an understatement. So when she sees what she assumes is a bachelor party seated in her section of the restaurant it’s the last thing she needs. Pleasantly surprised to find out this group of guys are not out celebrating one last night of being single, in a total douchie way but instead are guys celebrating their friend’s new job promotion she heads to check on other guests. Instead she finds herself getting harassed by a couple of her brothers bookies who apparently were sent to Pimp her out and aren’t taking no for an answer.

Theo can’t take his eyes off his kind and sweet waitress. Normally he wouldn’t interfere in other people’s business but when he sees her getting harassed by a couple of guys and then leaving with her stuff he just knows something bad is going down and has to step in.

What starts out as a pretty shitty night turns into a night of pure fun, dancing, drinking, bliss and ends with the two getting married in what is a marriage of convenience. Heading to LA they both need a do over. Lacey getting away from her addict brother and some mob bookies, and Theo needing a woman to show his family that he’s over the betrayal of his brother and ex-girlfriend.

a marriage of convenience at the start and a deal between two strangers quickly turns into more as they live with the other and gets to know one another. Will this relationship get be real or will the past repeat itself and Theo end up betrayed again. Find out when you go and read the book!

Play to Win is the first in Kelly jamieson’s new hockey series and it sure as hell doesn’t disappoint. It has all the things I love. It has romance, hockey, a hot hero, and some family drama. There’s a scene in the book where the whole family gets together and boy is it some type of shit show. I actually wished it would go on a bit more or I would have another taste of it later in the book, unfortunately no such luck. I hope to see more of it later in the series because Kelly has set it up for a lot Books, fingers crossed, in this series.

I have two nitpicks with this book. One I wish we would’ve seen some type of resolution or maybe a little more story line in relation to the mob bookies. The last we’d seen is Theo and Lacey running from them and that’s it. I get the brother got his crap together but I wished for just a little more storyline for the mob. My second little nitpick is the family. While I loved the family dynamic I had a little bit of trouble keeping track of who is who and how they are all related and that’s even with the help of the family table in the beginning of the book that Kelly was kind enough to provide us.

But those nitpicks are very minor to me and didn’t overshadow or distract me from the story that Kelly Jamieson told. I highly look forward to the next book in the series and finding out more about the different family drama between them.

Play to win is available where ever books are sold so go pick up your copy today!