Hustle Review!

Chelle bliss writes a great goodbye to a series that has been…. wait goodbye?! NOT! Hustle is a great continuation of the Men of Inked: Southside series with a guarantee for more!

Vinnie Gallo has everything going for him; great family, just signed with NFL team in Chicago, got a new apartment, can get any girl he wants. What more could he want? For the team owner’s crazy granddaughter to leave him the hell alone! Vinnie has to be careful though because he also wants to be the starting QB when the season starts and doesn’t want to ruin his career before it’s even started.

Bianca is a romance author. Not just any romance author though. She’s one of the few premiere romance authors who has been able to make not just a living but make more than what she needs. There’s just one problem. She has a book that she’s due to turn in soon and she hasn’t even started it, so she doesn’t have time to deal with the player that just moved in next door. Even if he’s extremely attractive, besides she’s on a no man hiatus.

Desperate to get the looney toon out of his hair for good and not to lose his chance vinnie blurts out that he has a girlfriend named bianca. When his coach tells him to bring her to a company luncheon he knows he’s screwed. Vinnie goes to Bianca to ask her if she would do him this one favor. He knows she’s attracted to him but isn’t going to just fall at his feet like all the other women have in his life. He just has to turn the charm on to level 10.

Bianca thinks Vinnie is nuts. No way is she going to do this. But when she remembers that she has her parents anniversary party coming up and her mom will hound her if she shows up stag Bianca has a proposition of her own. She will go to his luncheon as his girlfriend if vinnie goes to her parents anniversary party as her date.

What’s starts out as Deal between two neighbors for two dates only, quickly becomes more as the lust and desire between them burns out of control. A whirlwind romance ensues between the two but will a setback in Bianca’s book make her realize she has no time for a man or will the crazy owners granddaughter disrupt their relationship and cause them to crumble. You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Okay guys I loved this book SO MUCH! Vinnie was the perfect gentleman. Even though we’ve seen glimpses of him being a player and a womanizer we didn’t see that in this book. I for sure thought there would be more doubt on Vinnie’s part about settling down with one woman given all that we know about him in the earlier books. But i was totally wrong!

Now one would think with Vinnie being the last Gallo child to get with someone that this would be the end of the Men of Inked: Southside series and we would be saying goodbye completely to the gallo family. Well I’m excited to tell you that that isn’t the case! In the beginning of the ARC that I was provided Chelle wrote a lovely letter to all the bloggers and assured us that there will be another book. Who that book is about? Well she didn’t say. So we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Go ahead and pick yourself up a copy! Sold where ever ebooks are sold!