Misadventures with my Ex review!!

Shayla black’s back to give us a second Misadventure that we never knew we needed, but sure as hell are glad to have!

Weston quaid made the biggest mistake of his life three years ago. He walked out on the love of his life and left her at the alter. Literally. Not without his reasons though.

Eryn was madly in love with Weston but when he left her at the alter three years ago without so much as an explanation or a phone call it broke something in her that she hasn’t been able to fix.

When a business set back looms for West and it involves one of his tenants that he’s been avoiding, West know he has know choice but to face the music. The last person eryn expects to see in her cramped office of her diner is her ex fiancé who she hasn’t heard from in the past three years. But she still can’t seem to turn attraction off to him.

After learning that her business is going to be shut down for the next six weeks with no money coming in to pay the bills and an outlandish offer from West, Eryn is left seriously contemplating on taking West up on his offer of being his mistress. Of course this deal is just a way to get West in the door so to speak with Eryn. West is ready to tell Eryn why he left and what was keeping him away from her for all these years. But is Eryn Ready to hear it? That’s what these next six weeks will determine.

Through this book we see a woman trying to come to terms that she still has feelings for the ex fiancé that left her at the alter without so much a word for three years. Will Eryn truly be able to let go of the past and be able to place her trust in West? Or will past hurts and family members with ulterior motives get in the way and ruin the most important thing in West’s life? Well you’ll have to read the book to find out!

Misadventures with my Ex is Shayla Blacks second book in the Misadventures series and if you recognize Eryn and Ella and Echo then that’s probably because Ella’s story was Misadventures of a Backup Bride. Since this is shayla blacks second foray into the misadventures series and we have the second sisters book, here’s to hoping that shayla black returns to finish it off with Echo’s story!

I found Misadventures with my Ex to be highly entertaining and by the end it left me wanting more. More of west’s family dynamic and same with Eryn. I’m hoping that we get not only echos book but also West’s brother and sister books.

Go grab your copy now! Sold in bookstores and where ever ebooks are sold!