Heart of the Devil review!

With this stunning, epic conclusion of the Forge Trilogy, Meghan March has cemented her spot as not only one of the greatest Romance genre authors of our time but one of my favorite authors.

Heart of the Devil picks up and runs with the series coming to a climatic end that will truly shock you and leave you with thoughts of what just happened? And can I get me a Jericho forge anywhere?

The beginning of Heart of the Devil we see Indy make the horrible discovery that her husband is missing and his security is all dead. Not knowing who to trust and what else to do she places her trust with an old poker buddy who claims to know her father. Meeting her father is one thing but when he drops bomb after bomb of information that she hasn’t been expecting let alone knew could be possible has left her at her breaking point. Setting aside the stunning revelations is the hardest thing she’s done but she needs her fathers expansive reach to get Jericho back and she’s willing to negotiate to get it.

Determined to reach Indy and make sure she’s alright he’ll stop at nothing to get to her. With the help of a friend who was thought to have been a betrayer but ends up being more loyal than ever thought possible.Jericho barely escapes his captors alive.

After a passionate and tear jerky reunion with the other and some harsh words from a terrified father Jericho takes Indy home where he knows he can keep her safe. But the words spoken by Indy’s father haunt him and causes him to make a decision that will be the biggest mistake of his life and leave the both of them miserable for eternity.

Will Jericho be able to fix his mistake and win Indy back in time? Or will whoever is behind all the sabotage and kidnapping get to them first and have their future done with before its even truly begun.

Whelp your going to need to read this stunning conclusion to the Forge trilogy to find out yourself! There’s even some twists at the very end that I didn’t even see coming. Not to mention some in the beginning/middle of the book.

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