Misadventures with a Book Boyfriend Review!

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Bailey Hardin is lonely. Between a full time job and her husband working in local politics and spending his free time with his many mistresses, there’s no time for her. She craves the companionship and connection that any true relationship has. That’s where Book Boyfriend Inc. Comes in.

Oliver Connely is a fresh has been in the modeling industry. We’re talking like a couple weeks fresh. Having not saved any money in his younger years, he’s worried how he’s going to live and afford rent. After over hearing his neighbor and her friends talking about their latest book hero obsession he comes up with an crazy idea to make money. Women would pay money to go out with the hero’s in their favorite books so why not be the first to the scene and set up a business. This Book Boyfriend Inc. Is born

After a perfect first date that ends up with being more than what the agreement was supposed to be, Oliver can’t get Bailey out of his head. Unfortunately Bailey got what she needed and left without so much as look back. After a couple weeks of more dates, Oliver’s business is going really well. When Oliver let’s his best friend and roommate know what he’s been up to, to say she doesn’t approve is an understatement that causes a fissure in their relationship.

Oliver goes on his next book boyfriend date which to his surprise is another one with Bailey. After talking for hours and hours, a real relationship is starting to form. But when Oliver’s worlds collide and best friend hates the girlfriend Oliver will be forced to choose between love and friendship. Will he choose wisely or will he forever regret the decision he makes?? Well you’ll have to read the book to find out.

This book had some pain points for me. While reading it I felt Oliver didn’t have his shit together to even be in a relationship and not necessarily from an economic standpoint. I felt like Book Boyfriend Inc. Took a back seat to having a relationship with bailey. You even see instances in the book where he spaced out or misses stuff because he’s focused on Bailey.

another pain point for me is the fact that Bailey is married. And the fact that they are having a full blown relationship and Oliver is falling in love with her while she is still married. It’s cheating which I am not okay with. Regardless if the marriage was over emotionally and physically for years before they met. Or if Baileys husband had been cheating long before she started.

Also another pain point and this was a big part of the book, was the feud between Bailey and Oliver’s best friend Skye. I can’t understand how Oliver would even entertain the idea of being with someone if that person backstabbed and betrayed his best friend that he’s known for 10 years. Out of all of my dislikes for this book this was my biggest. The cheating came second though.

With all that being said you must read till the end because my biggest pain point ended up being the biggest twist that I didn’t even see coming. Victoria did such a good job of having bailey be cryptic and vague that I didn’t even believe bailey had an actual reason behind why she was doing what she was doing.

Also what I just realized and I’m pretty sure played some part in my opinion of this book is the fact that the book is told solely in Oliver’s point of view. Usually romance books are told in the heroines POV or a dual POV between the heroine and the hero. This was highly unusual at least for me seeing as I can’t remember another romance novel that was told completely from the males POV. I think that played into my factor of not liking Bailey that much. Because I couldn’t see where she was coming from. Or what her thought process was.

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