Misadventures with a Curvy Girl Review!

What’s better than one hot cowboy? TWO! Get yourself a nice cold glass of wine because this isn’t your regular love story!

Ireland is a bigger curvy woman that has a lot of self esteem and self worth issues that she thinks she got a handle on. Coming off a break up and finally doing things for her she’s become her own person.

Ben is a quiet man. Suffering from PTSD and more after serving multiple tours in the war. The last thing he wants is to bring a woman into his own perception of crazy.

Caleb is the epitome of a country boy. Raised in a small town on his family farm he’s content living the country life. He’s ready to find mrs. right to fit into his life but he doesn’t go into relationships alone.

Ireland finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a storm on her way to meet someone to discuss a business opportunity. Deciding to foot it back to the nearest gas station the last thing she expects to see is an insanely attractive country boy in a beat up truck with a three legged dog stop to give her help. Leary of strangers her initial reaction is to decline the offer but once she finds out Caleb is the man she’s supposed to meet she agrees to a lift.

Caleb is insanely attracted to Ireland. She’s his type if he ever had one. So when he finds out she’s single he feels like she is the one he has been waiting for. But he has a secret that he doesn’t know how Ireland is going to react to.

Caleb and his roommate are more than just friends. They are lovers but ultimately feel more comfortable in a threesome relationship.

In an unknowingly voyeuristic display of passion we along with Ireland meet Caleb’s roommate Ben. This is how Ireland finds out about their secret and after an explanation she has to be nuts not to jump at the chance to have a wild fling with two hunky cowboys who will solely be focused on her pleasure.

A wild night of passion and weather put things into perspective especially when they see their beloved small town in ruins. It also sets off Ben in an unexpected way reminding him of a war one and triggers his PTSD. Harsh things are said that send Ireland running away.

Will past emotional trauma prevent this throuple from finding they’re happily ever after. Or will they realize they can get through any emotional baggage they might have as long as they stick together.

Misadventures of a Curvy Girl is a reflection of the current climate and time, showing the real life ramifications of no name cyber bullies going after a person filled with self doubt and insecurity.

I really liked this stop in the misadventures universe. It was unique from a lot of the other misadventures to date due to the fact that this wasn’t just man and woman fall in love but two men and one woman fall in love and actually are involved in a relationship. Not just a random threesome because the couple wants to try it out.

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