Luck of The Devil review!

In this highly anticipated sequel to Deal with the Devil, Luck of the Devil takes the baron and runs with it!

In my DWTD (Deal with the Devil) review I mentioned that it was Meghan Marchs best book yet with all bars raised. Well she didn’t waver from the bar being raised at all! In face she raised it even more!

Note: if you haven’t read Deal with the Devil yet then what are you doing reading this?! Go read that damn book first because spoilers from book 1 ahead!

So Luck of the Devil picks right up at the end of DWTD. All is not as it seems. What’s interesting is that we think at the end of DWTD India goes willingly with Bastian into the boat after he claims that forge is using her and he really had her sister all along. That wasn’t the case though. Bastian forces India onto his boat.

LOTD (Luck of the Devil) really gets things going in the series in regards to jericho and India’s relationship, the motives behind the kidnapping, why Jericho married India in the first place even though you kind of knew in DWTD. More enemies pop up yet your not yet quite certain who they are or what exactly their motives may be. You get to meet India’s father and find out what his motives are.

We do get the answer as to whether Jericho did indeed manipulate India into marrying him by having her sister captured. Which I mean let’s be honest are we really going to put anything past Jericho forge?!

India is on the crazy rollercoaster called life and boy has it been especially crazy! And it only gets crazier in LOTD! She’s never been in a true relationship and the circumstances that she’s entered this one are anything but usual. In fact it’s more of a business relationship to start but it quickly develops into something more. There’s definitely bumps along the way as secrets are revealed.

This book is Jerichos come to Jesus moment. he realizes with the help from a familiar face to those that are Meghan March readers that nothing is worth anything if you don’t have that one person to spend it with or experience it with. That’s what India is to him.

Luck of the Devil starts out with India somewhat prepared to leave Jericho and his whole world behind. throughout the book though Meghan throws everything she can at them and at the end they are finally on the right and honest path to an actual real relationship and marriage. That is all good and well but in true Meghan March fashion the cliff hanger that she leaves you with will make you gasp, have your stomach clenching in worry and also have yourself asking what the f***k just happened.

Oh and here’s a little hint for you guys. When you read the last two pages there’s something Meghan didn’t mention in there that I didn’t catch until well after I got done reading it. She gives you an answer to something that’s been asked a couple of time through Luck of the Devil. I don’t want to say what it is because while it’s not a major spoiler, it’s still a spoiler. Well played Ms. March, well played!

Honestly so much happens in this book you feel like you’ve gotten 2 books in 1. Looking back at where Deal with the Devil ended and Luck of the Devil started to where Luck of the Devil ended; HONEY it’s been a journey and a minute okay. I cannot reiterate this enough you will not be disappointed reading this series! Luck of the Devil meets the already high bar that was set with Deal with the Devil and raises it a little more. This series is by far Meghan Marchs best to date.

Oh and P.S it was like a mashup of how many characters or mentions Meghan could do from previous series! Creighton and Holly Kara’s, Lincoln riscoff was mentioned AND seven sinners whiskey was even mentioned and we all know that was from Lachlan Mounts time in the spotlight. By the way I’m not complaining either it was a shock and a pleasure to know that these worlds are all one and can and will coexist and intermingle with the other if it benefits the story.

With all this being said go buy the book and read it yourself! You can find Luck of the Devil where all E Books are sold!