Juicy Rebound Review!

Juicy Rebound is a story of patience, second chances, re-self discovery and love healing all wounds. Also it has Shea 2.0!

Amelia Justice is coming out of an abusive relationship with her ex husband. Going to North Carolina to hide and lick her wounds seems like exactly what the doctor ordered. We find out pretty early on that Amelia is all by herself and that some pretty heavy stuff went down between her family and her. To the point that she hasn’t talked to anyone but her cousin Shelli in almost 4 years. Amelia’s trying to pick up the pieces and rediscover who she really is. Although she’s become stuck in a rut.

Chandler Moon is coming off a divorce to an admittedly Crazy ass Ex. But he’s in the middle of what might be his greatest season yet as a defender for the Ice Cats. Chandler has never been able to get Amelia out of his mind completely. She is after all the one that got away. So when he walks into this hippie looking coffee shop and sees her behind the counter without a ring on her finger, he knows this is his second chance. Amelia knows chandler as the unknown. She could feel something between them when they kissed all those years ago. But she was scared of the unknown and instead she chose drew and the known. When she sees him come in and sees that he’s still interested, she believes she’s not ready for anything.

Chandler knows he can’t give up on his second chance and that Amelia has some crap in her past. But he’s willing to go slow if it means he gets the goal in the end. With the help of one pushy ass cousin Amelia opens up to the possibility of a little bit more than just being friends with Chandler. Can Chandler get through Amelia’s walls and finally be able to love her or will Amelia forever be doubting herself and her devious and ruin her relationship? Find out when you pick up a copy of Juicy Rebound

When Toni wrote Chandler Moon i don’t think she realized she would be writing Shea 2.0. Chandler has a lot of similarities with Shea just as in a way Amelia does with Elli.

Let’s compare shall we?

Chandler: hockey player, sexy, kind, handsome, generous, drool worthy, compassionate, hawt, patient, loving, gorgeous, gentle, strong, has only eyes for Amelia.

Shea: Hockey player, sexy, kind, handsome, generous, drool worthy, compassionate, hawt, patient, loving, gorgeous, gentle, strong, has eyes only for Elli.

And let’s not forget about the similarities between Elli and Amelia. They both have their insecurities when we see them in their books. Elli facing body image issues and struggling to come to terms that she is beautiful regardless if she’s a size 4 or a size 24. It took Shea to help push Elli in that direction and we loved that they found each other. Amelia is struggling with her sense of self worth and through the journey of the book and with the help of chandler, Amelia comes back into her own.