How We Fell in Love Review!

Oh my gosh guys after reading this, the story hit me HARD!

If you haven’t read End Game then do not continue reading this review!

If you plan on reading Juicy Rebound then you need to read this!

So knowing that James had passed in End Game i knew going into this how hard it would be to read and immerse myself in the young grace and James world.

Toni didn’t disappoint. I shed a couple of tears at certain points. Oh who am I kidding I BAWLED! I don’t know how she got through writing this novella.

Okay so now that I’ve established how sad it makes you, let’s talk about how sweet it is. This novella is the story of how grace and James met. Sure we’ve heard abbreviated versions of it in End Game but now we actually get the nitty gritty parts. James is INCREDIBLY sweet and so loveable. He’s totally the same person that we all knew and loved. As for grace she was a somewhat different person as most people are when they’re younger and don’t have children. With that said though she still had the core traits that we love in her when reading End Game. We definitely see where Ryan and Amelia get their personalities from!

In what was a surprise ending to this novella we found out that the whole thing was a diary that Grace had kept! And that Shelli ( Shea and Elli’s daughter) gave to Amelia. Which we see an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit of what her relationship was like with drew, the man she left everything behind for.

This novella is intended as a set up for Amelia’s book JUICY REBOUND which you guys can preorder and comes out January 29th. However it does not need to be read right before in order to understand JUICY REBOUND. But I highly recommend you do because it adds to the overall experience and meaning.