Deal with the Devil Review!

Iconic summarization: Deal with the Devil is Meghan Marchs best book yet with all the bars raised going forward. I certainly can’t wait to read Luck of the Devil.

Jericho forge is used to being master of the sea. Forcing people to bend to his will by his abundance of money and sheer will. His sole purpose in life has been to amass his fortune and to seek revenge on bastien, the person who killed his father figure. That’s why when he finds out there’s a high stakes poker game purposely hidden from him, he knows something big is going down and Jericho wants in.

Indigo Baptiste is an up and coming celebrity with her taking the poker circuit by storm. Known for her Midas touch and her card-shark ways, it’s said she doesn’t even have a bluff. But even she has her limits and when her sisters life is threatened she’ll stop at nothing to get the ransom the kidnappers are demanding. This includes leading on a man from her past to get into a poker game with the obscenely rich.

When Jericho walks in and sees his number one enemy alongside a blonde bombshell he already knows it’s going to be a good night. He knows precisely why he’s been uninformed of the game tonight, so he can’t take another one of bastien’s girls away. Indigo was feeling confident until Jericho walked in. She knows he’s the one man she won’t be able to distract and take all his money. But she can’t refuse his entry otherwise It’ll draw suspicions. What indigo didn’t plan was for the game to turn into an all or nothing. Quite literally.

After what indigo thought would be a victorious night getting the money and saving her sister. Indigo sorely mistaken agrees to the terms of the final hand and goes back up to to her hotel room with Jericho. What she thought would be a night of passion admittedly a little unwilling to admit it to herself comes to an abrupt wend when Jericho gets a message. Jericho’s not done with her though. Not by a long shot.

What ensues is a coming to Realization for both of them. Indigo gets under Jericho’s skin to the point where Jericho has to own her and no one else can. What starts out as a business transaction quickly morphs into something more and a budding relationship starts. But before it can grow it’s wings a twist that no one sees coming could clip its wings before it ever learns to fly.

Read the whole book to find out! And of course Jericho’s and Indigos story continues in Luck of the Devil.

Deal with the Devil is probably Meghan Marchs best book yet. It sucks you in right from the start. There’s something about Jericho Forge that sets him apart from all the other men that Meghan has written about. All of Meghans books have a certain level of hotness in them that anyone who has read her books have come to expect. This book raises that to a whole another level.

There’s also twists to every Meghan March book. It’s what you expect when you read her stuff. There’s a bit of foreshadowing in the book at a certain point which I’m sure some of you will pick up after reading the big twist at the end of the book. But at the same time what you thought you knew you might not have or what you knew all along is the truth.

You can pick up Deal with the Devil up at all E-book sellers and you can also Pre order Luck of the Devil as well!