Misadventures with a Country Boy Review!

I would choose a country boy over a city boy any day if they’re all like Cole!

Relatively fresh out of the service with nothing holding him down in his hometown Cole decides to visit his friend. A friend that Cole had in the service and who helped save his life. Traveling across country is the least he can do to visit his friends grave. Needless to say you would think it would be a pretty solitary experience.

That’s where you’re wrong and Brooke comes in. Having gotten off a bus and left with no way to purchase one of the used cars the gas station owner sells, Brooke is feeling a little helpless. Cole can’t help himself seeing this pretty woman in need and offers her a ride if she’s heading in the direction that he is.

With no other options and people out looking for her Brooke takes up Cole offer. After of course she gets a little bit of a reassurance that Cole isn’t some serial killer. Their journey starts out a little ruff with both of them neither completely trusting of the other not matter how attracted to each other they are.

Cole knows that Brooke is running from something or someone and it’s maddening to him that she won’t let him help her. He thinks that it’s mostly likely an ex who was abusive. Little did he know that after a google search of her that he would find out Brooke is a semi famous pop star.

Brooke feels like her trust in Cole has been betrayed a little. No one understands what it feels like to have you’re parents be the ones you have to run away from. Her whole life she’s gone along with what her parents want for her without really a say. With a major signing coming up that will rocket her stardom into the stratosphere all she has to do is not let her parents get to her.

Will Brooke be able to hold onto her anonymity and get the man of her dreams or will her stardom and Cole feelings of inadequacy get in the way of something truly remarkable?! You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Misadventures with A Country Boy was a Bonnie and Clyde type of adventure. Only without any of the crimes. The storyline was great, the sexy times were sexy. All in all a great Misadventure!

Misadventures with a Cowboy is out now and you can pick it up where ever books and Ebooks are sold!