Misadventures On The Rebound Review!

Misadventures On the Rebound was a refreshing fun adventure that is about beating all possible odds and realizing that as long as you have the people you love around you, you can do anything you put your heart into.

Savvy has her high school reunion coming up and she’s excited to show off her hot boyfriend

to the guy who took her virginity and dismissed her like she was nothing. There’s only one slight problem…. Savvy catches her boyfriend deep inside another woman at what she thought was a their special place.

Freshly cheated on and just out of a job having just bought a fixer upper nothing is going as Savvy planned but her room is paid for. So why not just indulge in one weekend of fun.

While on her way to the reunion Savvy makes a pit stop at a hole in the wall bar where she meets Aiden. Aiden down on his luck and on his way to do something he knows he’s going to regret for the rest of his life decides what’s a little reckless fun with this hot quirky woman.

What was supposed to be one night of home made video revenge fun ends up being a journey of falling in love and beating all the odds. They both feel for one another would like to see where this budding relationship could go but the situation in which Aiden put himself in leaves little room. Savvy is determined to find a way to help him, she can’t bear the thought of Aiden going through with the deal he made.

With the help of some family Savvy and Aiden come up with what they feel Is a solid plan to beat the odds. Will they be able to do it though? Or will the odds be against them and doom their relationship before it even gets off the ground? Read the book and find out!

Fun fact Lauren Rowe did a Misadventures book before and her characters are mentioned in this book! Lucas ford the hot rockstar from Misadventures on the night shift. Also not sure but it sounds like a character from Misadventures with a Rock Star pops up briefly so keep your eyes out for that!

Misadventures On the Rebound is in bookstores now and can be found where E-books are sold!